Wonderful news about Iraq..NO NEED FOR WAR!

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  • Xander

    No, I mean, I do not know what to make of it as in "What on earth was the point of that?"

    If true, what would that accomplish? If he really has no WMD, then such a 'law' has no meaning and has no effect anyway....if he really wanted peace, he'd just let the UN inspectors have free reign for now. (Not like that would stop the US, anyway)

    OTOH, if he DOES have WMD, again, what does this accomplish?

    That's what I don't understand. This supposed 'law' has no value politically - what's the game here?

  • Elsewhere


    That's like a habitual wife beater who is about to be put in jail saying... "Ok, how about I make a new house rule: 'No wife beating allowed'???"


  • email

    Saddam is just saying what the world wants to hear... but judging by the person he is and what he has done in the past NO ONE can honestly trust the man.

    if he really wanted peace, he'd just let the UN inspectors have free reign for now.

    EXACTLY! ... and allow the U2's to take pictures and survey the country.

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  • rocketman

    I remain unconvinced.

  • expatbrit

    The law was a requirement of the UN inspectors, I believe.

    The BBC said:

    Iraqi President Saddam Hussein issues a decree forbidding the development and trade of weapons of mass destruction - a key demand of Mr Blix during his visit to Baghdad last weekend.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Latest news is, most of the European countries are saying give the UN weapons inspectors more time.

    Of course no one takes the word of a politician. I personally don't believe anything a politician tells us. They only tell us what they want us to hear for their political gains, whether it is for material or monetary reasons.


  • borgfree

    Oh, Oh,..another great idea. Since we are making all this progress. Maybe someone (France) could convince Saddam to pass a law outlawing sadistic, evil, murderous dictators. Wow, we can save the world with all of this law making. Lets outlaw bad conduct.


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  • freeman

    The amazing thing in all of this is that Blix said this with all seriousness and plans to study the matter further. OMG! Is Blix on medication? Is he that clueless?

    He must be, because he also spoke quite favorably about how much closer Iraq is to allowing unfettered access now. He cited how each U.N. inspector now has only 2 Iraqi minders following them all around. This is down from five per inspector a few weeks ago.



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  • expatbrit

    Newsflash! Owning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is now a conscience matter!


  • JH

    Great! So now we have peace and security. This unexpected event is just what I said last night on JT's thread about peace and security. Go read.

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