Wonderful news about Iraq..NO NEED FOR WAR!

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  • freeman

    Well it looks like we will be sending our troops home, as we dont have to worry about Iraq retaining, creating, or using weapons of mass destruction anymore (WMD). The Iraqi dictator has sent a note to the chief U. N. weapons inspector informing him that he (has just now enacted legislation making WMD's illegal.

    This wonderful news was announced by a gleeful Hans Blix just today at a televised meeting at the U.N.

    Now if we could only get a note from Osama Bin ladens mom promising that there will be no more terrorist attacks, then we could come down from hi-alert and maybe even dismantle the department of homeland security since it would not be needed anymore.

    Somebody slap me


  • Xander

    You know, I really have no idea at all what to make of this.

  • borgfree

    Well I for one am certainly relieved. Now if we could get a promise from all of the other countries that they will never do harm to another country, we could all disarm and live happily ever after.


  • logical

    looks like a calm before the storm to me

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Review history. How many promises and agreements did Hitler make? How well has Saddam kept the promises he made at the end of the first Iraq war? What basis is there to believe that this is nothing but a stalling tactic?

    Saddam wants to be "Nebuchadnezzar II." I think we owe it to the future not to permit that.

  • hawkaw

    You don't know what to make of it ?????


    It's called trying to spilt the allies. Give as little as possible as slowly as possible. His only hope is to fracture the coalition to stop the invasion.

    Of course .... its too late from what I can see. And oddly compared to the last Gulf War, this American President has the backing of a a large percentage of his own people before the main battle commences.

    Its really to bad we are going down this path without a proper exit strategy .....


  • Sargon

    Ditto Logical!!

  • pr_capone
    looks like a calm before the storm to me

    I think so as well. Millions now living will see another war in Iraq.

  • out4good3

    I guess Middle East Jw's will be crying that "peace and security" thing soon......

    .......and then the end will come.......

  • borgfree

    Maybe we could talk Saddam into passing a law that the billions of dollars of revenue coming into Iraq would go to the Iraqi's needing food and medicine instead of the money going into Saddam's bank accounts and his 100+ palaces.


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