Reddit post about elder asking congregation for money to fix his car!

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  • Foolednomore

    I know of a well to do Pioneer/elder husband and wife that had a business that claimed to be in bad struggles who went to members of the congregation with hat in hand asking for cash. They somehow got so much money that they took a trip and didn't pay anyone back. Our family did not fall for their crap.

  • LongHairGal

    Very good posts and stories!👍🏻

    I would never presume to tell anybody else what they should do. But, because of my bad experience in this hypocritical religion, I feel the way I do.

    The culture, mentality and teachings of the JW religion are at fault here: ..‘No college, No career and Jehovah will provide’. And persecution of any who didn’t listen to this nonsense.. There’s no accountability, just a whole lot of victims and it’s all covered up.

    One poster claims that ‘after the older responsible people are gone’ that younger people have been/will step up and give money.. I wonder how long this can go on for? We are talking about many needy in the JW religion! There must be a vast number around the globe including those who have reached retirement age unprepared who fell for the teaching of not getting careers/decent jobs!.. Does anybody really think the few kind souls just getting by are going to support them - in a religion with no social programs?

    There’s not much more to say except I am Glad I walked away from the Witness religion. Even though my reasons had to do with 1995, the situation in the congregations now is reason enough to make me run.

  • blondie

    My family had many men who did the accounts, and had knowledge who really gave, especially those who gave over $250 at one time, because they needed a receipt to give the IRS to claim the donation. My husband heard people say they didn't have enough money, and then talk about how they rented DVDs at the cost of $5 a pop. Even $5 a month would have been something. The men who handle accounting know how few donate based on the amount of money they get each month that barely cover the utilities. While the WTS no longer makes loans and collect payments, they expect at least $8.50 per publisher per month to be sent to the WTS (sounds almost like tithing). The brothers who did accounting knew that the utilities had to be paid, or the electricity, water, gas would be turned off, and the KHs would be dark, cold/warm depending on the season, and no water to flush the toilets or provide drinking water. It was a juggling act to get things paid. Believe me, the younger jws will not step up especially if they did not see their parents donating. Jws don't even have to pay for the publications. One elder said on the platform, "It is easier for a jw to break a commandment than break a twenty."

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    There was a real problem with people leaving last will and testimony to the Borg, unbelievers who thought they would get something in the will from their older relatives found out everything went to the Borg

    I was involved with teams who went in the bethel vans to do house clearance of older ones who died and left everything to the Borg

    I have talked about my friend Peter Bullock who worked closely with Jewish dealers to sell anything valuable that was left in the will.

    when I was at Bethel there was a vault full of gold and jewellery even fine art. I suspect the big wigs get first dibs on anything and for them it’s voluntary donations how much they give for that expensive watch or something else that was donated. They may not give anything and nobody would know they could just go into the vault and take what they wanted.

  • LV101

    blondie -- not had time to read this topic but the line ,"It is easier for a JW to break a commandment than break a twenty" is hilarious!! So darn funny -- going JW -- my new motto😂.

  • Phizzy

    Just an update on the Elder I mentioned on my earlier Post, saying " Getting back to Elder with Audi, my friend said "He has never worked since he left School " I must find out if she means worked full time, as I guess he must do part time, he is married with two kids."

    I asked my friend, yup, he has not had even a part time job since leaving School a few decades ago ! apparently he is a ducker and diver, buys and sells stuff, but his wife works full time, my friend said he told her that when he mentioned some work needed doing on his car, a day later an envelope was shoved through his door with the necessary cash in it, apparently "Jehoober provided," because he is a Pioneer.

  • LongHairGal


    It makes me positively ill to read about JWs who leave money to the religion and leave their flesh and blood children penniless. This is why I’m so grateful I wasn’t raised in this religion.

    I would feel disowned.. If that were my parents they’d better not imagine I would be there to have anything to do with them in their old age.. They’d better go ask the religion they esteem so highly to take care of them! What a rude awakening they will have.

    As far as pioneers (who never wanted to work) having envelopes with cash shoved under their door: it wouldn’t have come from me.. (You don’t knock people for working and then ask them for money! It doesn’t work that way.) When I was In, I never gave anything to these deadbeats.

    As time goes on and there are fewer types to give charity to these willfully unemployed Witnesses, I guess reality is going to hit them. I have No pity.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    LHG,,,Ive always said that the Borg is its own worst enemy.🤣

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