Reddit post about elder asking congregation for money to fix his car!

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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    My answer would be, how about instead of giving you a fish... I teach you how to fish.


  • HiddlesWife

    LHG, this is a great thread, btw.

    Since and also a good amount of JWs are on FIXED INCOMES, several may "reason" that there are dubs in their individual Congs who have incomes that can help their fellow members with a number of aspects: Rents, mortgages, car notes, bills, food, clothing, and so on. Actually, WT SHOULD--like most other organizations--be the one to provide its followers when these persons are in need/down and out. However, they DON'T CHOOSE/WANT TO DO SO! 😫🤬

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    This is what's so infuriating.

    These eldubs aways preach to people about having a decent job and gaslight the $heeple. And they turn around and ask the same victims for handouts when they need it or suits them

  • Gorb

    We had in the late 90's a CO, asking the congregations to pay the costs of a motor revision on his car.

    When the local jw's asked questions about it, hé told us from the platform he was not happy with the questions, because "do you think I have a donkey just like Jesus?".


  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    Ex Bethelite.

    Since when get SP’s their rent, car and bills (what kind of bills) paid?

    I have been a SP before being a missionary and all we received was an allowance and we had to pay everything with that money. “Living the good life”? Are you joking? I had two work a day a week just to not starve.

    Reading your posts I sometimes wonder


    Fulano Reading your posts I sometimes wonder but I guess you have been out a long time.

    Im good friends with a special pioneer couple in my congregation and I can confirm what I said is correct and you are wrong currently

    What you said may have been right back in the day but now you are wrong and I am right.

    Its life on east street for them. The branch gives them a car which they take to the branch for it to be serviced. They have a really nice house which they have rent and all bills paid

    they have an allowance but never have to buy much as the congregation feeds them and pays for them all over the place

  • fulano
    14 Special pioneers are usually selected from among regular pioneers who have demonstrated their effectiveness in the ministry. They must be able to serve wherever the branch office chooses to assign them. Often, this is an isolated area where they can find interest and form new congregations. At times, special pioneers are assigned to congregations that need help in covering their territory. Some special pioneers who are also elders have been assigned to help small congregations, even when there is no particular need for more workers in the field. Special pioneers receive a modest allowance for living expenses. Some special pioneers are appointed on a temporary basis.
  • fulano

    What you are telling is a situation even we as missionaries wouldn’t have and they still don’t have (I correspond with one). So again where does it say this has been changed as you are still in a congregation. And why would the society with all the, according to them, financial problems they have spend money like this? Makes no sense brother.

  • WingCommander

    My response would be the same one WT HQ gives the Flock when help is needed of the Fine Shepherds:

    Don't worry, just pray more because after all, "Jehovah provides!"

  • DesirousOfChange
    I wonder what they are going to do when more older Witnesses pass away and there are yet fewer responsible people to even ask money from?

    What I hear from family still (mostly) in is that young people are contributing and doing so beyond reason, ie, a minimum wage food service working who kicks in $100/month and thinks she should give more.

  • blondie

    Now that is something I didn't hear very much, only once and to help a family with a non-jw husband they wanted to be impressed by their helpfulness. Other the WTS advises that the congregation will not donate money to individuals, but privately jws can do that themselves. Though, one elder body wanted to donate money to get flowers for a woman who had moved to another congregation (she had a lot of money and had donated alot) for flowers for her funeral; they had never done that for anyone else, even in their congregation. One elders spoke up that if each elder wanted to donate out of their pocket, but unless they put it to the congregation elders could not secretly make a donation using congregation money without a resolution being passed; that shut that down. But if that elder had no spoken up, it would have been done." The only other time was before the WTS funding the COs cars, announcements would be made that he needed a new car and had racked up some serious medical bills, and that jws in that circuit should try to donate to help him out or he would have to leave the "circuit work." But then BOEs will make their own rules despite what the WTS says. BOEs are go up against the WTS more often than other jws know.

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