Counsel from Bro Losch (GB Member) to the Elders about the NFL

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  • Finkelstein

    "Did you know brothers and sisters that Homosexuals like to watch Football because the players wear tight pants " ?

    Therefore watching football could incite Homosexual thoughts destroying are righteousness as Jehovah watches us .

  • dbq407

    I hate how they just never come out and say directly what they are talking about... egg shaped ball? pads and helmets? Hitting and hurting each other? Just f'ing say you are talking about football instead of sounding like a complete moron and describing it. The september watchtower of 2015 is the most recent occurence that i noticed of their distaste for sports..

    ‘Does my conscience move me to shun sports that are aggressive, competitive, nationalistic, or violent?

    First of all, all sports are competitive or it wouldn't be called a sport, and they are wanting people to SHUN competitive sports which most of us here know how severe shunning is. Although most jw's find shunning humans much easier than shunning their favorite sports. Bunch of f'ing judgeMENTAL hypocrites is all they are.

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    Thanks for the Memories and Reminders

  • OrphanCrow

    An interesting thread on another forum, about JWs and football, posted by a teacher confronted with JW students who refuse to color pictures of football helmuts in school:

    Can a Jehovah's Witness color a Super Bowl helmet?

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