Counsel from Bro Losch (GB Member) to the Elders about the NFL

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  • Haupi33
    So much for going beyond the things written - but does this make Losch the top dog since he shared his belief of football with the rank & file when other GB members aren't in agreement with him? Or can any of the GB break rank from the Body and say what he feels?
  • Finkelstein

    then brutally attacking their opponents, trying to injure them by going after an egg shaped ball.

    Trying to intentionally injure an opponent player is against the rules of the game and penalized if something occurs that is egregiously harmful.

    JWs elders CO's or even GB members are known to give nonsensical analogies that aren't related to known facts.

    Sounds like Losch is losing his marbles or so self delusional in his Godliness that he believes himself a spiritual being. ???

    This is the same idiot who said pursuing higher education is like putting a gun to your head.

    I think Losch never had much of an education himself. !!!

    Can you just feel the righteousness though ?

  • freddo
    How long ago was this event?
  • James Jack
    James Jack
    December 2008
  • careful
    Well, it's no wonder then that he's not a heavy among the GB members, but a wannabe!
  • prologos
    Fs. I think Losch never had much of an education himself. Yes he does. He is a trained waiter. any tips?wait!
  • Bonsai
    La Dosch must've been a Cincinnati Bungles fan and just couldn't take it anymore!
  • blondie

    An Elder sitting next to me from Alabama said: "that driver is in the wrong and needs to be counseled! I am going to write a letter to the Branch about this driver and his lack of respect toward members of the Governing Body"!

    I've heard this about Loesch before and there was a reference in a WTarticle about sports and gladiators. I have seen elders with their teams flags on their vehicles drive into a meeting when the CO is there, or the ones have have special rooms and tvs for viewing their team inviting friends over to imbibe in alcohol and eat treats and root for the team and decorate with the colors of their teams, pictures of players, and the schedule for the year. I would not be surprised of Elder Self-Righteous is one of those.

    *** w02 8/15 p. 29 Do You Remember? ***

    The violent and deadly gladiatorial events of the Roman Empire have been compared to what modern spectator sports?

    A recent exhibit in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, suggested modern parallels by including video clips of bullfighting, professional boxing, auto and motorcycle races, and spectator fights at other modern sports events. Early Christians took to heart that Jehovah does not love violence or violent ones, and neither should Christians today. (Psalm 11:5)—6/15, page 29

    *** jd chap. 9 p. 121 par. 19 Dealing With Others as God Desires ***

    Though Habakkuk was forced to keep looking upon mere trouble and the “violence in front of” him, it grieved him. You might now ask, ‘Would he be comfortable sitting with me and looking at the programs I regularly watch on television?’ Ask also, ‘Would he set aside time to be a spectator at so-called sports events that are violent by design, players even wearing protective armor like that of ancient gladiators?’ With certain games, the thrill for many springs from fights on the court or the field or those between crazed fans. In some cultures, many watch violent films and videos centered on warfare or the martial arts. This may be excused as history or a display of the nation’s cultural past, but does that make the violence more acceptable?—Proverbs 4:17.

  • possum

    I attended a district convention in Samoa where GB Jackson made a big deal out of the rivalry between Samoan and Tongan Rugby teams. Rugby (which nearly has a religious reverence of its own) is played without any protective gear and with much passion and enthusiasm. Jackson had obviously watched alot of games and knew alot about ruby.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    This is nothing new I recall some elders being against any type of professional sporting activity but it was just a few of the old elders that probably never played a sport in their lives.

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