How to wash a cat

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    Celia, oh the bird, she's a cockatiel. She's about 4 years old now.

    You had a quail eh? I have seen them in the pet stores, really cute. I didn't know much about them, but I suppose like most birds they love the water.

    Cats and water...has anyone known or owned a cat that didn't mind water?


    Scully!!! I'm horrified!!

    Look at the terror in poor kitty's eyes! And look at those claws!!!

    GAWD!!! . . . and . . . What is wrong with me that I'm . . .laughing hysterically!?!?!

    Love ya!


  • Angharad
    But then again you married Simon so perhaps it's a sympathy thing????

    LOL LB !

    Great pic Scully

  • Billygoat

    LOL! Ang, this is great! I HAD to send it to a girlfriend of mine. Her grandfather was an old man of about 90. Tall, big-boned, graceful man with a shock of white hair. He had a large old orange tomcat that was his best little friend. Tom didn't like many people, but he adored Grandpa! By his side all the time. Anyways, Tom got into some piles of grass somewhere in the neighborhood. Grandpa didn't want him covered with grass in the house. So he got a milkcrate and put it over Tom. Then he got the hand hose from the vacuum, turned the vacuum on, and proceeded to stick the hand hose through the little holes in the milk crate. Of course, all of this to vacuum the grassy bits from poor old Tom as he hissed and clawed at the vacuum hose. Needless to say, Tom wasn't seen for a few days.

    Then there was the time that Tom got car oil (from the garage) all over him. We think he rolled in it - why we don't know. But Grandpa put Tom into a standing glass shower. He stood on a step stool from the outside of the glass door and proceeded to "shower" the cat. He poured shampoo on him and let it soak. Then he rinsed him off using the hand-held shower head. The whole time Tom's yowling could be heard doors down. Again, Tom wasn't seen for a few days.

    Poor Tom and Grandpa. It sounds like they had one of those LOVE-HATE relationships. LOL! As it were, my friend's Grandpa pass away last week and this was just the thing to cheer her up. Thank you for letting me make her smile!


    PS: LB - trust me! I've had my share of being blasted on this board. It has been awhile, but there will ALWAYS be someone out there that doesn't like me.

  • LB

    LB - trust me! I've had my share of being blasted on this board. It has been awhile, but there will ALWAYS be someone out there that doesn't like me.

    Hard to imagine. Maybe some people here don't realize how you so often take the time to send users an encouraging e-mail. Things that don't get noticed. It's good to see that you are strong enough to not let that slow you down.

    Yesterday my cat fell off the barn roof into a 300 gallon barrel full of water. She ran up to the house and howled her pain. It was pretty funny.

  • Billygoat

    Loved your story about your cat! Almost like she wanted attention for her humiliation. Haha!

    I think it's just a matter of THINKING before you hit the submit button. Is what I have to say encouraging and uplifting? Is it tearing down? Am I mad because someone else just believes differently than I do? Am I taking things too personally? I think if more people would just ask themselves those questions, there wouldn't be so many flame wars here. For me, if I do say something rude, it's because I'm taking something too personally. I try to catch it before I submit it.

    Personal emails are much more enjoyable for me. I like one on one stuff better than groups anyways.

  • BeelzeDub

    For step #3 the following works well....


    Anyone up for one more cat tale?? Years ago I had a white cat named Sherbert. For some strange reason he liked to climb up under the hood of the car. Then he would come in the house, covered with a smear of oil. Ahhhh, the inevitable bath would take place. Curiously, he was actually quite well-behaved and submissive...aaaah, perhaps a jw cat? I would put him in the bathtub with a few inches of warm water. Before I wet him down, I would apply the shampoo directly onto the oil. I would work it in to his fur, to dissolve the grease. Then I would rinse him off with warm water. He did not resist me, in fact he cowered. The trick was to hold him firmly by the scruff of his neck, and he would totally submit to me. Guess he thought I was his mommy... Mwahahahaha! ESTEE

  • LoneWolf

    LOL on the stories. I love tales about animals and the situations people get into with them.

    One one my favorite ones happened when I was about 12 or 13. We lived way out in the Oregon wilds then on some twenty acres and had a few cows, dogs, cats, and a flock of chickens. The one thing that made things far more interesting than usual though was that Dad was an old country boy himself, but Mom was a city gal and not used to country ways. She hated snakes, mice, spiders, and anything similar. As a result, it wasn't unusual to hear her let out a shriek, and we'd all come running to "rescue" her. Usually, a fine time was had by all.

    This one summer evening though was a little different. Dad was down milking the cow and Mom decided it was time to feed the dogs. The dogfood sack was kept in a cardboard box just inside the backdoor. It was almost empty and had been pushed down inside the box. She grabbed the sack and pulled it up and opened it, and started to reach down into the sack to get the scoop, only to see a little mouse running around and around inside the sack.

    Frantically throwing the sack down into the box again, she screamed and stuck her head out of the door, yelling "EDDIE!!! EDDIE!!! in a high pitched, almost falsetto voice.

    Dad came trotting up with a big grin on his face. "What's wrong, honey?" as if he didn't already know from her tone of voice.

    She was standing back pointing at the box with a shaking finger. "Mouse!"

    "Well, I'll fix THAT!" And he took a big flying leap into the box with both feet!

    Unfortunately, he missed the mouse! The mouse was, of course, terrified, and took to the nearest hole that looked like it might provide shelter --- and just happened to be Dad's pant's leg. And let me tell you, that mouse was in both 4-wheel drive and overdrive --- and gaining altitude fast!

    The more altitude that mouse gained, the funnier the look on Dad's face. It was getting perilously close to forbidden territory when Dad grabbed it with both hands and crushed it to death right through the pants!

    Then Mom cried because it died such a horrible death!

    Us kids? We were dying with laughter. I'd give anything for a video of that time.


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  • JH

    Another bad day at the office

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