Today's Special Day Assembly Expenses and the $10,499 Deficit. Silent Majority?

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "12 baptized (3M+9F)". Only 1/4are males. Of those three, one is quite likely to quit soon. This will be a religion composed by a women super majority, but controlled by chauvinist males.

    Ladies, please explain....

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    $10 is all they get from me, does not matter how large the deficit. So many others fall for the false numbers, though.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Why don't they just have some friggin TRANSPARENCY in their accounting?? All they have to do is tell their flock how much it costs for heat, lights, water, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, lawnmower gas and fertilizers, flowers, etc., and then say that donations above this will go toward the worldwide work or whatever? (Or to needy ones in the congregation, like, oh, say, widows and fatherless children?? Or elderly pioneers or any who are literally looking for food or bread, or facing economic hardships?)

    What the heck is wrong with them anyway. Greedy bastards trying to keep afloat a sinking ship.

  • sir82

    The expenses for this ONE-DAY assembly totaled $11,000.

    You got off cheap. The (made-up) "expenses" for our recent assembly were $22,000.

  • Vidiot

    Like I've said before; never underestimate the power of passive resistance.

    Conscious-classers, kept-ins, and soft-cores can make a difference.

  • Socrateswannabe
    We had our assembly within the past couple of months and the total expenses were $19,000. Keep in mind, this is for a one day assembly because there are no more two day assemblies. So that means the assembly hall has a revenue of $38,000 a weekend X 50 weeks a year, or $1,900,000/year. Our expenses used to be around $6-8000 for a two day event. The building was paid for two decades ago. That's some pretty interesting math.
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Good grief. Its like a silent ticket scam. this is one of the things that bothered me when I was a JW apologist.

    Lets be fair, bought and paid for there is probably still some property tax, cost of utilities, and some other minor things such as insurance etc... But not 19K for a day.

  • NewYork44M
    In the 35 years I was in the total amount they ever got from me was less than $200 - plus the sweat equity going door to door. Which, as we know is worthless.
  • Scully


    The financial report started by them saying "Elders voted to send $1,500 to World wide work".

    Well then the Elders™ can damn well pay up.

  • Scully

    This is a freaking awesome explanation from someone who was in the know... Thanks, JT, where ever you are!

    Circuit Accounts Servants Confesses how the SCAM WORKS!!

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