Today's Special Day Assembly Expenses and the $10,499 Deficit. Silent Majority?

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  • wifibandit

    Steve2, that has also changed. There are no more "S.A.D.s", just two 1-day assemblies. Both are called Circuit Assemblies, both are 1 day.

    I went to one yesterday, "Imitate Jehovah".

    The financial report started by them saying "Elders voted to send $1,500 to World wide work".

    Then they turned up the pressure. "Deficit from our last assembly..."

    "Currently only $788.08 in the bank"

    "Cost of this assembly $8,210.86"

    "So far donations only $2,499.08"

    All for a hall that was bought and paid for YEARS ago! Only 1,017 people there. 12 baptized (3M+9F) 5 looked under 18. ONE adult man in his late 20's, the rest looked like women in their 40's-50's.

    The baptism talk at a "Imitate Jehovah" circuit assembly (9/12/15) had a blurb about not adopting a "Metrosexual" style. I found it odd because the brother could barley say the word (talk was in Spanish). I remember thinking, does this guy even know what that means?! He was quite elderly, aprox 80. Definitely the oldest speaker that assembly.

  • ToesUp

    Great news! Lack of funds, lack of Baptismal candidates and crappy attendance. Good news indeedy!

    KEEP VOTING WITH YOU WALLETS, IT'S STARTING TO "PAY OFF!" These bas***ds want to verbally and emotionally abuse everyone? This is the BEST way to get revenge. Hit em in the wallet! Money defines the WT!

    I believe the onion is being peeled away (one layer at a time) and starting to stink!

  • Gayle

    Wifibandit,, so I assume there are baptisms at both circuit assemblies then. (12 is high number for that size attendance) The Spanish carry a the higher baptism percentage number than the English. So do you suppose the Spanish JWs are just paying up this kind of money without complaint? Seems this would bother many.

    Had to look up "Metrosexual" - a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste. other phrases, fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes. also, other derog, "pretty boy." Is the percentage of young boys getting baptized much lower than percentage of girls?

  • paradisebeauty

    or they raised the fee / witness attending

  • Tenacious

    Wifi and Tech49 are spot on. It was the "Imitate Jehovah" one-day assembly. Tech you are spot on about many talks pointing towards being "smart" about wasting money on the latest technology among others.

    Let me add to my initial OP in that there was I believe a $3,000 + "in the bank" which by the time the brother was announcing the figures was probably already in the mail to the org in the form of a check. With the rest coming after they collect every single penny from the friends.

    As far as baptisms I believe there was 16 in total with majority being young early 20s some late teens and about two or three below the age of 15 that I saw. Sad, sad situation for them.

  • OneFingerSalute

    I cannot stomach giving a run down on the ASSembly I was at today, as I have in the past.

    But a few things stood out. They started with an aprox. $14,600 surplus, and by the time they got done sending the required tithe to "mother", paid for the site expenses (rented) etc. added "contributions at this time", they had a grand total left of a $949.00 surplus. "we thank you brothers (idiots) for your generous spirit in taking the opportunity to show Jehovah your appreciation for this ASSembly by placing your contributions in the conveniently placed boxes."

    Other than that most of it was the SOS. Give more, do more, study more, pray more, less education, less secular work, less social contacts, less charity, less technology unless it is JDubya dot org or JDubya TV.

  • OneFingerSalute

    "Was there a baptism? Hope low numbers too."

    715 attendance, 2 dunked. One about twelve, one about eighteen. Less than .3 %, must have been some of that TREMENDOUS GROWTH they kept yapping about!

  • steve2

    Thanks for the update Wifi. I missed the "new light" on that! Back in the day, there were Circuit Asemblies and Special One-Day Assemblies.

    Clearly, so very deep in to the time of the end is no time to "keep meeting all the more so as the end draws near." They're really cutting back, aren't they?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Went to one yesterday. Theme: 'Imitate Jehovah'. Attendance about 1,475. 5 baptized all 15 years and younger. Accounts report read after lunch. According to the account servant: Cost for the assembly hall for the day $19,500.00. Total contributions by noon break....$5,500.00. Deficit $14,000.00. About 100 degree weather and WT assembly hall management skimpy on running the a/c (cheap a holes)! I got the impression that most in attendance were bored. Each time I got up to go to the back about 200 walking around, talking & visiting while program was in session. Large percentage of those in auditorium fanning themselves. Another large percentage napping or dosing-off while speakers rambled on. Total bore-fest! Total waste of time!!!
  • berrygerry

    Although I resent being in the class of "older" and of "witnesses", I am very much aware of Russell's quote. The constant begging, even by the GB, would be a clear indication that Jehovah has withdrawn his support.

    When the GB meets on Wednesday mornings, they should wondering why it has happened too. Also, why are they losing so many court cases when in the past, they won almost all the court cases?

    Matt 24:48-51

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