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  • new boy
    new boy

    "presumably because you didn't tell them?"

    If they asked I told them.

    OK guys let's back up here, Your not mad because my ex-elder friends talked to me.

    Your mad because I talked to two elders wives. Both of whom knew who I was and my currant relationship with the organization and they had no problem talking to to me.

    They could get in trouble you say.

    OK lets play that out.

    Lets just say for giggles that the WTB&T is monitoring this and other ex-Jw web sights.

    They look at my post and contact the local body of elders.

    The Elders call Sue or Elaine, by the way both these ladies have at least two three generations in the organization.

    The phone call would go something like this.

    Hello Elaine this is Big Brother


    We got information that you were talking to a known apostate, Keith Casarona. Is this true?

    No! Why would I do that?

    OK thank you very much.

    Oh by the way if he does call again don't talk to him.

    OK but I have no idea what you are talking about.

    By the way Steve I never asked for your name. And by the way just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they wont get you!

  • steve2

    New Boy, please stop the nonsensical replies. I am mad because you expose named individuals on social media. You care not what harm this could do. I would feel the same regardless of who did it. You then ask us to provide you with the names of JWs we know who have committed suicide so you can include them on a list. Again, you are frighteningly unconcerned about the effect of publishing these names.

  • new boy
    new boy

    I guess I'm concerned about the dead and you are concerned about the living.

  • silas hobbs
    silas hobbs

    Having just finished reading James Pentons "Apocalypse Delayed" 3rd. edition, He did not seem to have any problem naming names both in good standing and otherwise..

    I did appreciate his controlled,scholarly approach but there were places in the book you feel his anger almost smoking hot

    I feel and understand your anger,,mine runs deep. Just .an example of what fuels mine is when my beloved grandaughter was molested by her jw step father , he used the excuse that the 11 year old came on to him .Were the elders outraged at such an excuse? far from it ,one accused her of being a Dinah influence on the ex.

    I could do some pretty bad things to those frauds,, I certainly think bad things and at times get pretty riled up.

    I know some of those names ,those from Seattle and am glad to see that their blinders are slipping.

    Hope you have success ,minimize the colateral damage.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Anger..... maybe the fact is this whole damn organization must come down! Will there be bodies? Yes

    Are there bodies yes

    it's a cancer. I'm alive but will soon be dead. Most of my life has been suck out of me. My family is dead my friends dead.

    The bottom line is no one is going out of here alive.

    So dance around all you want the bottom line is people are paying everyday.

    The topic of this thread was SUICIDES....yet you are all worried about might happen to two elders wifes!!

    I guess I'm taken crazy pills

  • poopie

    My suggestion ask permission first or use fake names

  • Exelder

    I was almost a lifer and was an elder for many years before I made the very difficult decision to leave. It took me a lot of time and courage to do so. I am sure that I would have been the last person to leave on many peoples list.

    If I chose to ignore the constant counsel shoved down our throats at meetings and conventions and gave you the dignity that you deserved by speaking to you ...and then you betrayed ME by posting my name on the Internet, I would honestly want to rip your head off.

    You have no right to do that and your rage against the borg is blinding you to see that what you have done is based on revenge and is not rational.

    If your book is anything like your posts, it will just be the angry rsntings of a bitter old ex JW. It won't have any credibility and put across a coherent, measured argument for your cause..

    You claim that you are speaking for the people who died. You have no idea what their mental state was or what other factors could have contributed to their death (history of mental illness, depression etc.)

    Yes the org would have been a huge contributing force, but some people are so emotionally and mentally fragile that they could kill themselves jusr for having a row with a girlfriend or some other event that most people could deal with. You are just intent on destroying the organisation (a worthy cause but this is not the way to do it).

    It is just a one sided hate fest and will have no credibility to critics OR people seeking to leave.

    If you REALLY some proper research and don't just make it a roll call of names of people who have killed themselves, just because you assume it was because they were trapped in, or damaged by the 'truth'.

    Why not get the ultimate revenge on these people you seem to hate so much (the ones who shunned you etc) and just get on with your life and be happy.

    As you said, you have had most of your life sucked out of you. Don't devote another minute to the organisation. Start living the life you have left.

    I am well past my prime and could be extremely family, education or job prospects. No pension pot etc....BUT I won't let them beat me. I have my life back and intend on making the most of it.

    You are still letting them eat away at your life and steal what time you have left.

  • Giordano

    I need to say that the naming of people still in ... who may have families in and friends ... gave me a queasy feeling. It was a cheap shot. Name AND State? What the hell?

    We don't know these people so naming them served no purpose. But it does cause many of us to wonder why you went out of your way to screw them over.

    Naming the State allowed me to locate one of the people, his wife, city and even the address of their KH. It took all of half a minute.

  • snare&racket

    You may find yourself in court if you write stories about suicides based on forum hearsay.

    I understand your intent and I can feel your anger, we all shared it at one time.

    Trust me.... please... just write YOUR story. That will suffice for you and your conscience.

    As for outing people that have chosen to be a bit more human and speak to you when they shouldn’t..... maybe show them the same humanity back and keep them out of it too.

    You can still help a lot of people and it can still be therapeutic for you. I also agree that we shouldn’t live by their rules anymore.... however they are living in an emotional/spiritual/psychological concentration camp and announcing names for the ‘guards’ to hear who has broken the rules, especially in showing you a small kindness, will not bring anything but more suffering. This time however you are helping police the sheep.

    All the best with your book.

  • new boy
    new boy


    I can't get permission from dead people and I will not use fake names

    Back to what this thread was about.


    Do you know anyone who killed themselves while they were Jehovah' Witness?

    I knew of 12

    I don't need their names. By the way I don't need or what your name.

    Its a yes or no question. Don't worry by answering the question no one will find out who you are.

    I'm curious why you left the religion. Care to share.

    Thank you for the counsel

    Your Friend Keith Casarona

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