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  • VeniceIT

    Thank you for that Avengers and SF!!!

    I personally feel he was a mason and involved in their beliefs. Of course I could see him deny it once he had the whole WTS thing going I mean that doesn't prove he wasn't. We know he lied and was a snake, why do people excpect him to be telling the Truth.

    I appreiciate the fact that RR has done research on this, but isn't he a Russelite??? Russel being a mason would hit the very foundation of his belifs, of course he would not support that.

    I feel the evidence that he was is far too overwhelming, esp with Russels own admition!!!


  • blackguard

    "I am a mason"---"I am not a mason" is not double speak. When Russell uttered this contradiction(1908?), he was identifying himself to the Illuminists within the FreeMasonic audience. Posts by Berten and Avenger make pertinent points regarding the mumbo-jumbo of language deconstruction or metaphysical jabberwocky that occultic gnostics practise.

    Now poster RR is compelled to have a revisionist spin on Russell because he is a hero worshipper of Russell. RR is what the jayduds call a Russellite. Check out his website if there's any doubt.

  • Pleasuredome

    i'd say that the sublim's are for those who know what they mean, rather than for everyone. the symbol of the watchtower means nothing to the normal JW. whereas those who do know what it means, it is a 'reminder', and that is for the real agenda, if there is one.

  • Ravyn

    JWs were definitely part of the Spiritistic movements of the 1800's but they sold out like the Mormons did. After Russell they were just another high control millennial group of fundys. too bad. if they still had spiritistic links I would have never left them. only time they had anything going for them was when they were exploring the occult.


  • Swan
    How many did you notice those subliminals and bothered you?

    After a book study one evening several started discussing the picture in a WT of an angel watching over two sisters in the preaching work. They pointed out to me that there was a demonic face in the picture. I had read over that article and had studied it thoroughly and had never noticed the hidden picture. This revelation really shook me up. They blamed it on the apostasy at Bethel and Ray Franz, but I had my doubts. It made me doubt that this was Jehovah's letter to us. It made me doubt that the Holy Spirit was really working.


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