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    "Avengers, would you kindly name the Pub & date of the info you submitted?"

    Yes, please do!

    "Are you aware that there is a 'visable' and an 'invisable' element of the Masons?"

    Some are very Aware!


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  • NeonMadman

    Well, for what it's worth, here's my take on the whole thing...

    I don't think that Russell was actually a Freemason, though he may have been a wannabe. He obviously had great respect for their teachings and traditions, which are rooted in occultism. But RR has made a pretty good case, in my opinion, that Russell was not a Mason, at least not openly.

    As far as the subliminal pictures in the WT pubs, there are definitely some of them in there. Some of them are quite obvious. While I agree with larc that they don't "work," in the sense of actually influencing anyone to do anything, that doesn't mean that people don't sometimes plant them for their own reasons. One reason for inserting subliminals into illustrations might be that the person doing the inserting doesn't know that they don't work. But I think that it was probably simpler than that with the WT pubs. I think there was probably a small contingent in the art department that was doing it simply as a hoot, or as a way of protesting against the Society.

    If that was the case, the Society could have done a lot better for itself if they had just admitted that the subliminal images were there, and said that some apostate in the art department had been putting them in, and that he had been df'ed, or at least removed from Bethel service, and there wouldn't be any more of that sort of thing happening. If they had said something like that, the subliminal pictures wouldn't have bothered me a bit. But when they actually denied that there were any pictures at all, it was clear to me - for the first time - that the Society was lying to cover its own backside. That was a major step toward the door for me. If they'd lie about that (especially when the truth would have worked as well), then they'd lie about anything.

    And, of course, we now know that they lie routinely about all sorts of things.

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  • LovesDubs

    What larc MEANT to say was.....

    "No, I do not believe in anything you propose. The Masons and the Witnesses are very distinct and separate organizations. The Pepsi Witnesses are not influenced by big mac spiritism. It is the farthest thing from their teaching. They do not have sex or subliminal messages. There is no such thing as subliminal messages. Subliminal messages buy Ford trucks simply do not work."

  • LovesDubs

    I have a big picture of the Pyramid grave marker next to Russell's own grave in Pittsburg in the MASONS Cemetary overlooking MASONS headquarters...pray tell why would he be buried there if he was not a Mason?

  • SYN

    NeonMadman makes some good points. My bet is that someone in the Art Dept. was pissed because they were still a virgin at 35.

  • avengers
    "Are you aware that there is a 'visable' and an 'invisable' element of the Masons?"

    reason for that is:

    *** pe 191-202 23 God's Visible Organization ***
    Chapter 23
    Gods Visible Organization
    WHY CAN WE be certain that God has a visible organization? One reason is that he has an invisible organization
  • Brummie

    LMAO @ SYN!

    I went to the Pitsburg cemetary and sat aside that Pyramid, it stands at around 7ft tall. Russell being buried in a Masonic cemetary does not prove he was a mason but being buried in that particular cemetary identifies him as one. An exjw who went the same time as me went into the Masonic hall and asked if he could be buried in that same ground, he was told NO WAY, a person HAS TO BE a mason to be buried there. "Not even for a million dollars?" The exjw asked. NOT even for that he was told. Strictly for masons and their wifes.

    How much evidence does a person need?


  • sf

    The Outcome of the Great Conflict Between God and the Devil - www ...
    ... you to Zion." - Jerimiah 3:14 The New Testament also God's organisation is ... ruler
    of the demons", it is apparent that they make up his invisible organization. ... ffreemasonrywatchfrm11.showMessage?topicID=17.topic - 34k - Cached - Similar pages

    Just a site I spotted; thought some be interested:

    Apostate Doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses
    ... personality of the Holy Spirit (viewed by the Watchtower organization as "God's
    active force ... toward earth in 1914, and there was an invisible "rapture" of ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

    Freemasonry Watch - Monitoring the Invisible Empire, the World's ...
    ... Monitoring the Invisible Empire, the World's Largest Secret ... Trends in Jewish Mysticism
    In God's Name by ... explained that Masonry's nationwide organization of men ...
    Description: "Monitoring the Invisible Empire" Large collection of graphics and anti-masonic commentary...
    Category: Society > Religion and Spirituality > ... > Freemasonry - 71k - Cached - Similar pages

  • sf

    144,000 Anointed
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    Freemasonry and Cults
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    first temple of the ... on covers of original Jehovah Witnesses books The occult ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

    Ankerberg Theological Research Institute - The John Ankerberg ...
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    ... Likewise, when one reads the books and sermons of Pastor ... of our hopes in the Kingdom
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    Failed Prophecies of Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith: Evidence Joseph ...
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    New Page 1
    ... The Freemason "god" ... The books on the right are showing the Christian Science symbolism ... picture
    on the left is a Seventeenth-century grave at a Temple with skull ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages

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