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  • Yerusalyim

    My only problem with the Sig Sauer is the safety. On the Berretta 9MM there is a distinct difference between that issued to the common soldier, and the retooled version used by Special Ops, which is the one I'm most familiar with. I think it's familiarity that makes me so comfortable with it. I've never NOT fired expert using this retooled 9MM.

    Still, if you're not familiar with hand guns, a revolver is best. I still prefer shotguns for home defense.

  • jelly

    The diet is actually going extremely well, it has been over a week and I have not eaten at fast food once. I need to work on getting more exercise though.

    I agree with what most of you say about shotguns being better for home protection. I do not know much about pistols but I was raised around hunting rifles and shotguns, although I do not have any now. One side argument however is that I would not use 10-shot (that is a dove load). One time when I was much younger a friend and me were hunting pheasants, he accidentally brought up the wrong shells (he grabbed 10 loads) and was forced to hunt with them. I saw him shoot a pheasant at 10 yards with a 10 load and the bird was able to fly about 100 feet away. If I have to shoot someone, I want him to go down immediately not 2 minutes later. The main reason I do not want to get a shotgun however is that I also like to target shoot, I used to do it all the time with rifles, and now I want to start again with pistols.

    I am not worried about concealing the pistol so size does not matter, what I am looking for is a good target, home protection combination. The kick of the a heavy .45 does not bother me, I had a lot of trouble shooting the small .45 glock thought, I tended to shoot low (anticipating the kick I think). I will try the .40 in the coming weeks.

    Its my understanding that revolvers have a harder kick than the automatics, is this true. And if so are there any other drawbacks to a revolver pistol?

    Terry (Male, would only kill someone if they were trying to kill me, but I would kill them)

  • TR

    I had a 9mm S&W 915, but traded it for a .380 Sigma. Very easy to conceal and shoot. Not accurate, but hey, if someone breaks into your home, you'll probably be within a few feet of the perp anyway.


  • Ravyn

    first time i ever held a gun in my hand-it was a beretta 9mm-and my husband let me shoot it at the range. i shot 7 shots all in the black head outline and he took it away from me and said i could not shoot it anymore. but he did show me how to use the rifle a few months later and I shot a milk carton from the hip at 25 yrds right thru the pic of the missing kid!!!!! he sold his guns right after that.....


  • Abaddon

    Rayvn; that story has made my day. The clunking sound is my ass falling off.

  • Farkel

    If you want the best home defense weapon, then I suggest a short-barreled 12 gauge pump shotgun. You can legally own a shotgun with a barrel length greater than 18". Double ought buckshot is what it should be loaded with. Each cartridge contains 8 pellets of roughly 22 caliber. The short barrel accomplishes two things: it is easier to grab and wield, and the pellets will fan out shortly after leaving the barrel. You therefore don't need to be nearly as accurate when you aim as you would if you used a pistol. A direct hit on a human target at a range of about 10 feet is devasting and lethal. An indirect hit will slow down the target enough to allow you to cock and fire again.

    The problem with a pistol, is that under the stress of a house invasion, victims often panic and miss their target. That is far less likely with a short-barreled shotgun.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I was going to suggest a loaded cannon, but it's to oversized and causes to much damage, right?

    Guest 77

  • heathen

    The guns that I've tried so far are the 357 revolver 30 cal revolver 45 semi 40 semi 44 magnum ( you know the clint eastwood dirty harry gun) . and a 38 revolver a 9mm semi. The ones I liked the most are the 40cal semi the 9mm was nice and a little more accurate a 38 is pretty nice but like you say stopping power not there . I guess I'm like you and think if I have to shoot someone they should just drop without wondering whether they were shot or not . I would say stay away from the 44 magnum even though it is the next best thing to an elephant gun as far as stopping power it is too hard to handle . I love going to the range myself .The 9mm is probably the best range weapon.

  • 144thousand_and_one

    Use a baseball bat. It's more enjoyable and heck, it's part of an American pastime!

  • Bendrr

    Coming in a little late here.

    I'd recommend both a handgun and a shotgun. The shotgun for home defense, loaded with "00" or "0" buck, and a handgun for personal defense away from home. Make sure that you get the necessary training and obtain the proper license(s) to keep and carry your weapons and that you always observe all laws pertaining to ownership and carrying. If you're not going to do that, then you don't need a gun!

    I've always been partial to the .45ACP for a carry-piece. I've owned a single-action Colt M1911 and now own a compact double-action EAA Witness .45 (what irony!). I prefer double-action because it allows me to simply draw and fire as opposed to draw-cock-fire. The .45 is not nearly as hard to handle as you may think. What it takes is training and practice. I'm only 130 pounds and I can fire my .45 one-handed with either hand. Matter of fact, I can also fire a .44 Magnum one-handed though I may not hit quite as high a score.

    Here's a little more info for you. If you want to go 9mm on a budget you may want to consider the 9mm Makarov. It fires a smaller (1mm shorter) cartridge than a standard 9mm but in this particular case "size don't matter". Russian Makarovs can be bought for a very good price (at least in the U.S.) and let me tell you, the Russians make some damn good guns. At the very least a Makarov would make a great back-up. Less common but still available at a good price is the Tokarev. Try and get the Norinco model. The Tokarev fires a 7.62x25mm bottleneck cartridge. I had one for a long time and now I'm sorry I sold it. Never jammed on me once, even when I missed a couple of cleanings. Low recoil and great stopping power. I paid about $100(US) for mine.


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