Need some info on Pistols

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  • Liberty

    Hi Jelly,

    I am also partial to the Beretta 9mm as I've never seen a jam even with the crappiest old Egyptian surplus ammo (which my other autos refused to even feed). There is a reason the US Army uses this pistol. I recommend the high capacity mags which luckily you can still get in an after market brand for a reasonable price, $15 (Beretta Hi Cap mags are around $60 last time I checked thanks to the commies who banned the new manufacture or importation of the Hi Caps). I would look into the shot filled bullets (Glasiers??) that disperse their energy into the intruder so the bullets won't come through a wall and hit innocents, hollow points will also increase your stopping power and be less likely to go through the walls than fully jacketed bullets. Having 15 rounds at your immediate disposal is a great confidence booster and that is the only advantage over a revolver which will most likely give you only 5 or 6 shots but is very reliable.

  • undercover

    For home defense I have to agree with the others: a shotgun is the way to go. No precise aiming. Just point and fire.

    Someone else asked why carry a gun. This is a good question. Anyone who picks up a gun better be prepared to use it. Not just learn how it works, how to load and how to aim and fire, but actually be ready to take a human life. There can be no hesitation if you plan on pointing a gun at someone. Most people hesitate. Most people should not carry a gun for self defense.

  • Yerusalyim

    Just another useless statistic for ya, People who own guns are twice as likely to die from a gun shot wound than those who don't own guns.

    I say, GO with the SHOTGUN for home defense.

  • Abaddon

    Guns here in Holland are pretty well hard to get hold of, unless you're a big criminal, in which case is standard thing. You can drive all the way from the Yugoslavian border without a customs check. Do the math. A few weeks after I arrived here, me and my lovey were getting into bed when we heard 2 big long bursts of sutomatic gunfire, not the brrrrrrr you'd associate with an SMG or similar, sounded heavier, but I'm going from theory here as I don't play with guns. I did comment on the fact it sounded more like an assault rifle or LMG, but again, theory.

    Two guys on a motorbike had stopped outside and opened the window with an automatic weapon, stepped into room, sprayed, and gone. Two dead men, one dead woman, one injured woman, baby asleep upstairs. No arrests made and it's two years gone. Police said it was an SMG, but, get this; two bursts, and in the photos the next day there were over 80 little forensic markers outside in the street. 80 shell casings from an SMG in two bursts? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... big magazine?!

    Welcome to Tilburg... live in huge city entire life, never see or hear a violent crime (bar an exploding postbox), move to little Dutch City and BANGBANGBANGANGBANGBANGANGBANGBANGANGBANGBANG goes the neighbourhood.

    But that's an aside. Obviously if someone knocks on your door with an AK47, a piddly little hand gun is only going to be of limited use uunless you have the drop on them. The people were known crims, so not really a general problem here, dancing with sharks requires bite-proof footwear etc.

    Shotguns sound good for home defence, but I guess it would have to be an auto with a pump, as pellet spread ot no, two shots is not enough. If life at danger, have no problem with shooting someone, but again a theory, and one I'll hopefully never have to put to test living in (virtually) gunless Western Europe.

  • D8TA

    A SAWED of Shotgun!

    ( great for close range, wide area spread...but is rather messy when cleaning the guts off your wall )

  • LB

    I prefer the .40 myself as the recovery between shots is quicker than with a .45. But if you want a concealed weapon I'd go for a small revolver. A revoler can be fired with one hand. Limited shots are not a problem as normally it isn't a gunfight but rather an extermination. I am not a fan of the 9mm. The ballistics show it to be very weak. Police have gotten far away from the 9mm and mostly go for the .40 these days.

    I have a pistol grip short barrel shotgun for home defense. A .40 for the vehicle and a .38 for my carry. I practice often and do a few competitions a year. Practice a lot. If you aren't comfortable you can find yourself in trouble. Terry are you a male?

    Be certain in your mind that you can take a life. Or don't get a gun for self defense. Take a course in your state that will train you in it's use and also in the laws in your state and city. It is very important to know exactly under what circumstances you are able to shoot somone.

    Oregon is a state where you only have to prove that you were in danger before you can shoot someone. Even if they are unarmed here but you feel a life threatening danger you can plug them. Now in Texas I believe you can shoot someone if they need shooting. Sometimes I wish my ex would move to texas.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I LOVE my S&W .38 Police Special Revolver. You can't beat a revolver for true aim, and you can't beat the caliber for decent one-shot stoppage. It is small enough to fit in the drawer of my night stand without getting in the way of all my other "nighttime essentials". Ah, this thread has made me horny for the shooting range. Damn I have cases to brief today.


  • CoonDawg

    If you are wanting one strictly for home defense, Mossburg has a model HS410...which is a short barrelled .410 shotgun with a pistol grip pump. It also has a spreader choke on it so that you are more likely to hit and incapacitate an intruder without hitting your kids on the other side of the wall in their bedroom. It's a great home defense weapon. My only caution to all I've ever sold a "protection" firearm to is you have to be ready to use it....if you are going to brandish it at an invader/attacker. Mossab Ayoob has written many articles about use of lethal force and I highly recommend reading some of his works.

    Personally for me, I like a 9mm or a .40 S&W. I'm a fan of Sig of the nices guns in my opinion. I had sig 9mm with a 17 rnd mag. My target ammo was usually regular 115 gr. fmj military ball ammo. For my clip that I kept in it for protection, I always liked Speer's 147gr. hollowpoint. It was much heavier than most conventional 9mm ammo, so it had great knockdown...while still staying near the ballistics of lighter rounds.

    The .40 is a good caliber too. Slightly better recovery than a .45 acp, but still packs a hell of a whallop. My brother in law has a carry permit and he likes both...he's bought Taurus's compact version of both the .40 and the .45.

    Good luck...


  • outoftheorg

    I was going to tell you what I learned as a sheriffs deputy. But since LB just about covered it all, just read his post over again a few times.

    I also will recomend "continued" training to retain the needed level of expertise with a gun.

    I also recomend a 38 revolver for use in populated areas, as they are not so deadly at a distance or penetrating walls etc.

    I also recomend a revolver as there is no safety to fuss with, or racking an automatic to put the shell in the chamber etc.


  • Crazy151drinker

    Mossborg 500 12gauge Pump with 000 Buckshot and maybe a slug or 2 on in an external shell carrier.

    Handgun?? I like the glocks. Go with the G21 or G29 in 10MM (more power than the .45 and way more than the 9MM- The 10MM is basicly just a extended .40 ). Well I guess I should say WAY MORE power than the 9MM. All handgun ballistics are weak when compared to rifles and shotguns.

    And if you live in Holland get an MG 34/42 and shred the neighborhood

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