I miss being a JW

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  • Introspection

    One other thing Joel, I wanted to respond to your statement about missing hope. You can have hope, it's only natural for human beings to want hope, even faith. The thing is I distinguish between having just hope and faith from having hope and faith in some thing. This would be pure hope. When you throw in an object, something to hope in, that just becomes a belief. It's like love. People can have somebody close that they love, but if their attitude is that the focus is on love, they are loving toward everyone, and the same goes for their expressions of affection. This is not something you can say about the witnesses.

    By the way, if you want to talk my email is open, I'm sure there are many on this board who are there for you too.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    You have such a dry, subtle sense of humor that many might misunderstand.

    Personally, I miss my tonsilectomy, my broken leg and jock itch.

    That's not as funny as what you came up with though.

  • teejay

    As funny as this sounds, I kinda understand where Joel's coming from.

    Now, I ask you: Am I SICK or what!???


  • JamesThomas

    Wow, what a lot of excellent and caring replies. There is little I can add. It sounds like a case of "the grass is always greener...". This is a pretty normal sense unless we find a wholeness and peace within ourselves that can not be taken away,,no matter. Most of us live our lives with a gaping hole inside, and spend the rest of our lives trying to fill it with people, places and things. The only thing that is helping me is being present with life as it is. accepting it and embracing it; without the mental noise of judgment and commentary. When we forget about the story of our tiny fragmented needy self, that we think we are, things can look quite beautiful without changing anything or going anywhere. JamesT

  • DIM

    didn't you post something along these lines about 18 months ago, joelbear?

  • D8TA
    Now, I ask you: Am I SICK or what!???

    I'll answer it!

    Ooooooh....the power...the many directions I can take this....mwahahahahahahahaha!

    Nope, you're not sick.


    As to "me" going back?

    No way in HELL!

    It's as far from mind as being non-existant. I don't EVEN give it thought. Years ago I had thoughts about "what if they are right...should I go back", but now? Man, it's like I had another life or something as compared to now. I don't even contemplate it. Doesn't even exist inside.

  • BluesBrother

    I don't know whether joel was being truthful or ironic . Either way, it provoked some interesting replies.

    As others have said, it is natural to miss the good parts of J W life. I am in a state of limbo, due to family considerations I am still a weekly attendee although mentally separated from it all . Therefore I have not yet "Got a life" . I sometimes miss the association, the involvement with people, and yes, the respect people would show me as an elder.

    But it was all wrong wasn't it? - I know that now. . I know the Gentile Times did not end in 1914. I have concluded that our father would never slaughter the rest of the world , and I know that the WTBTS was in with the UN for all those years. The list could go on.

    We were lied to , led up the garden path , tricked into giving our lives to perpetrating those lies.

    I could not go back. I could never peddle the magazines that are full of glossy Bull****

    Just have to put up with the loneliness until I get life sorted out.

  • lv4fer

    I'm not sure how anyone can go back. I do know if you go back it will never be like when you were there at first. It's like if you move away and you have all your friends, a few years go by and you go back to visit. Your so excited because your going back to be with them and when you get there you realize it is not the same. You've changed, grown, etc and they are the same. You don't fit in like you use to. Get involved in some activities that you enjoy, you'll find new friends. If you are missing hope, try reading the bible and perhaps joining a small bible study.

  • gsx1138

    The question is, 'Now that you know what the Matrix is do you really want to go back?' It would be great if I could live in my fantasy world as well. The only thing being a JW requires (like almost all religion) is obedience. Even a dog can be obedient. Are you no better than a dog?

  • rocky220

    I dont miss a thing!!!!!.........And "they" dont want me back......trust me.

    rocky220 [from the if i go back, gonna kick much ass class.]

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