I miss being a JW

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  • joelbear

    It seems the more time goes by, the more I miss being a JW.

    I miss my friends. I miss the feeling of safety of the group.

    I miss having hope.

    I miss it a lot.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Why don't you go back ?

  • Vivamus

    I miss the feeling of having eternity in the palm of my hand.

    But it was a dream, a fantasy. The real world may be more difficult and harder at times, but at least its real, and now, when someone is my friend, I know that is for real and does not depend on my religion.

    I'll take the reality over the dream any time.

  • shera

    You have to do what makes YOU happy..but could you go back,knowing what you know?


    Hey Joelbear. I was surprised to read your post.

    I cannot remember how long you've been away from the organization, but for me, it was a lonely struggle for awhile. Now, almost 20 years later, I have friends that love me unconditionally.

    I have missed certain individuals from days gone by, but I know full well that if I tried to contact them, It'd be under their conditions > returning to the Kingdom Hall and being reinstated.

    As far as safety, well, I haven't felt more safer than I am right now. I don't fear any apocalyptic demise of myself or others at the hand of god.

    Having hope. I took out my dictionary (Canadian Gage Dictionary) and looked it up.

    hope - an expectation that what one desires will happen; a person or thing in which one places hope

    Perhaps there are some things that are troubling you at this time.

    Perhaps, it was good for you to share this. What can we do to comfort you Joel bear ?

    I hope you'll share some of your thoughts and concerns with us so that we can better understand what it is you are feeling at this time.

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Do you feel this way because you haven't found any comfort on this or other forums? The choice is yours, I'm not going to try and sway you away from what YOU want. Your in a better position to know more about yourself than I do. To each his/her own.

    Guest 77

  • Been there
    Been there


    If you feel that is where you will be happy........Go back. You have been on this board long enough to have read it all, and with almost 3000 posts you have had your say. So if you feel the need to be a JW go with our blessings..........You are not doing it blind. They have something you need from the depths of your soul. It is your "Truth" go get it and give it your 100%.

    There are lifelong convicts that get out of prison and after a short time "OUT" must commit a crime so they can go back, because they are lost out in the real world. They are out of place. Away from their "normal and familiar" prison is their "HOME". It very well may be yours. (One mans trash is another mans treasure)

    There are couples that seperate from a miserable marriage. Not able to adjust to life alone they go back because it is safe and familiar. They have a nagging question. Maybe they just didn't do enough, or try hard enough. You seem to have a nagging question.............Go get it answered.

    Find your Peace, where ever it may be. Be Happy were ever you find it.

  • VeniceIT

    I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. I just hope you remember that the man you are now was NEVER a JW!!! To go back and become a JW again you would have to deny who you are, what you are, and those you love to become something that you are not so that people who have been shunning you and spreading rumors about you will 'accept' you.

    I'm not the same person I was then, there is now way I'd want to be her again, I'll tell you that much. Sure it's scary out here sometimes, but it's a journey. The security we had before as JW's was all false, it's a house of cards. We had 3 pedophiles in our hall that we knew of, do you have any idea how dangerous that environment was for me and my friends growing up, it's amazing more kids weren't hurt. My best friends younger brothers were both molested, as were several young boys in our hall.

    Besides that the 'brain washing' to deny natural relationships and feelings for others is soley dependant on their brain washing to stay in the borg. I feel the borg is 'evil' and can't imagine wanting to go back to that no matter how lonely, scared, or upset I get. Like running back to the arms of an abuser, NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!

    I hope you think things out fully before you make a mistake you might regret,


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I enjoyed your post Been there.

    Guest 77

  • Undecided

    Hi Joel,

    I think you are just remembering the things that made you feel good. If you went back you would see the things that you have forgotten that would make it impossible for you to get the old good fellings again.

    It might be worthwhile to give it another try to bring your feelings to a conclusion.

    Ken P.

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