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  • nightwarrior

    This posess a seriouse problem to some youngsters within the congregations,are the elders and magazines to controlling ?????

    Ayoung couple started married life of ,without the big bang, yes ladies the husband never knew where to put it ,even three months after his wedding night he still hadnot cosumated the wedding,eventualy after 18 months the wife runs of with a worldly man,

    Are the youngsters getting married to quick / to soon.

    does this show to the effect of mind control over some people ,that they are bombarded with negative all through there lives as j.w.

    this is just the tip of the pencil how else are people affected by the magazines and elders,

  • SixofNine

    Oh please. Go sell crazy somewhere else, if you hadn't noticed the past few days, we're all stocked up here.

  • LB


    cosumated the wedding,eventualy after 18 months

    At age 14 without help of any porn, experience or advice myself and Mary Jane were able to figure out exactly what went where during our first effort.

    Blame the dubs for lots of things. This isn't one of them.

  • Skeptic

    Nope, this one is not the JWs fault. This husband and wife could not ask a friend, their parents or their doctor?? They can't find a bookstore or library and peek into a book to find out? Both of them didn't have feelings of wanting that in there? Or of wanting that in at least two other places?

    They could not experiment and figure it out? Is this the union of two very stupid people? This doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out.

    Hell, Muslims do it through a sheet with a hole in it. If they can figure it out under those conditions, anyone can figure it out.

    Sounds to me like a fable or else the husband didn't want to have sex. From personal experience, I can tell you that some people will use any lie not to have sex with their mate. I don't blame the wife for running off.


  • xjw_b12

    LB ! A tip of the hat to you !

    At age 14 without help of any porn, experience or advice myself and Mary Jane were able to figure out exactly what went where during our first effort

    However Mary Jane told me I was her first. "> LOL....or are you referring to smoking a reefer ! ">

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  • Mac

    To feed or not to feed? Hmmmmmmm..... Na!


  • dubla

    i thought this was a poor attempt at satire, but you guys have me beileving night was serious with this post. hmm.....night, you want to clear this up?


  • MegaDude

    It's obvious Nighwarrior is a Bethelite. lol

  • kwijibo

    Hmmmm, reminds me of a joke...

    Two good italian catholics (insert JW here) get married. On the wedding night they are totally stumped as to what to do. The girl rings her mother and ask what they are supposed to do. The mother obviously rather embarassed trys to give some hints. They try but can't work it out. The girl rings her mother again and the mother says " for gods sake just get him to put his biggest thing in your hairiest spot". The girl rings back 5 minutes later and says "ok his nose is in my armpit - now what?"

  • mouthy

    O.K. sceptic I'll ask????Are you kidding about the Muslim & the sheet??? I guess your pulling my leg Eh? If not explain !!!!! I am not to old to read "new things learned'

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