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  • Prisca

    I knew a JW couple who didn't consumate their marriage until a few days after their marriage, because he didn't know where to put it, and she was too shy to initiate (she was a very shy girl). They eventually had a couple fo kids, so they must have worked it out sooner or later!

    Also, I have heard of the "hole in the sheet" thing, only it was used by Orthodox Jews.

  • ring

    [email protected] the 'hole in the sheet' ......I wonder if Victorias Secrets sells a "Wedding sheet"

  • Debz

    Give me a sec and I`ll try and remember ..lolol

  • MsJam

    Just to play devil's advocate...did anyone happen to think that the young man wasn't attracted to young ladies? I have heard of far stranger things...maybe he married to keep his parents and the congregation off his back. Then when it came time to do the deed he just couldn't do it. Am I close Night?


  • ballistic

    This is crazy. I didn't think people needed it explaining to them??? Sex education is all about NOT getting pregnant for God's sake!!!

    Did god have to explain it to Adam and Eve???

  • ugg


  • Sparks

    Speaking as a tipical Englishman,I`ve been shaggin` since getting my first hard-on in primary school, and it was the girls that tault us lads.... I was born and bred in Chelsea,London which is like New York..ie ..very cosmopolitan.So like most guys, got to bang girls from France/Spain/Japan/Thialand/Sweden/ and several other countries.Once the novelty wears off with the Bonkin` foreign chics, some guys start to get into drugs and kinky stuff. Personally, I found smoking J`s was just a turn-off-( sniffin Amolnitre was okay, but hard to get hold of)- I couldn`t , and don`t, understand the PVC and whipping thing etc..and the 3 in the bed thing ( 2GIRLS and me, I`m 1,000% straight) was always too knackering...Then I started to study with the witnesses- ( I`d done the Prodical son thing)-and started to take out pioneers, and boy..!!!what a load of Goer`s they were..HOT or WHAT..!!! some where the most pervy women I`ve ever come across..I`ve had more knee-tremblers behind the assembly grounds than at most Disco`s !!! I`ve only met one pioneer sister that was abit Naff, she phoned the Presideing Overseer at midnight in tears because I French kissed her on our first date.Being a Gentleman, I didn`t mention while being counciled for it, that she`d shoved her hand down my trousers seconds before...So the moral to all this,I`m not easily shocked-- because like most Englishman,Frenchman and American/Canadian and the good old Aussies,we`ve either done it all, or gonna do it all in the near future- given half the chance.....But this thing with the hole in the sheet is just TOO pervy to believe....next your be telling us it`s a RUBBER sheet..... Thank goodness I now just live a normal quiet life away from all that pervy stuff.Well I`ve gotta go now, I can hear my two ex-pioneer girls slapping each other with wet copies of the Watchtower in the bath...

  • Skeptic
    But this thing with the hole in the sheet is just TOO pervy to believe

    LOL...the one time I am not trying to surprise people sexually, people are surprised!


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