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  • xjw_b12

    Mac. Come on.... Feed, Feed, Feed !

  • TR

    Newly weds on their honeymoon:

    Man: OH MY GOD, HONEY! We got to get you to a hospital! There's a huge gash between your legs!


  • outoftheorg

    Some one mentioned a pencil. That of course got my rather twisted mind to thinking. What if? This was the cause of the problem. Pencil sized? No wonder she left. what could one do with something the size of a pencil? Any one else here have that thought? Huh?


  • Brumm


    I dont know if this is a serious thread but there is NO WAY a guy wouldnt know what to do with it, purrrrlease. And like, if he is real young, it wouldnt take more than 2 minutes to discover what comes next huh. 18 months? naah


  • scootergirl

    I have a hard time believing that anyone that listened to all the preaching of "the sins of immorality" would NOT know what to do on their wedding night. Don't buy it for a minute........I think the problem maybe of shyness between a couple......but not the problem of not knowing how to make puzzle pieces fit.

  • wednesday

    At age 17, shortly before my wedding, my mom handed me a box of condoms. I asked what they were. she did not believe me, but said, "Don't worry ***** will know what to do with them". And he did.

  • Skeptic
    O.K. sceptic I'll ask????Are you kidding about the Muslim & the sheet??? I guess your pulling my leg Eh? If not explain !!!!! I am not to old to read "new things learned'

    mouthy, I could be wrong, I am just referring to what my Muslim friends tell me. I was told it is considered disgusting to see your wife naked. I asked how one can have sex if you can't see each other naked? Then he told me about the sheet with the hole in it. He swears that he is telling the truth, and I don't think he was joking.

    After your question, I tried to look this up on the Net, and the closest reference I got was that it was OK for a husband and wife to be naked, if they were under a common sheet. Obviously, if they were both under the same sheet, they would be able to make love with nothing between them.

    So, I guess the answer is that I don't know for certain. Maybe others have the answer?


  • nightwarrior

    Well actually if you had seen the pair of them, you would understand why it took them 3 months!!!!!

    We have had two cases of this, believe it or not....i think it is really sad... needless to say the young couple got divorced not long after.......

    And NO NO NO I am not an ex bethelite, far from it... I just like seeing the reactions from everyone....

    Hilarious......... but honestly, we personally know of the situations with both couples..... we couldn't believe it either.....

    STRANGE but TRUE!!!!!


  • Kenneson

    I hope he didn't think that the proper orifice was the navel!

  • foreword

    mouthy, you don't have to go to far.

    My ex mother in law told me that before she was married.....in 1945....her parish priest told her that she should use a nightgown with a hole in it.....this was in Quebec.

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