Sharon Roe to be df'd tonight.

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  • JeffT

    This is terrible. I hope that Sharon can find some kind of comfort in a new life of freedom.

  • rocketman

    Ravyn said: my cousin Louis Roagers who died in a car crash on his way to a Meeting for Field Service---he was late and the kids were acting up in the back seat and he ran a Stop sign. 1989.

    Ravyn, as sad as this occurance was, I don't think it can really be directly blamed on the jw religion, even if he was going out in service.

    Of course, that does not diminish in the least the bad fruitage of the WTS's policies and practices, some of which are reported here and are obviously very difficult for people to bear.

  • Tatiana

    Ravyn, I noticed in the site that you had posted some names. I noticed the same spelling of your screenname. The site is still there. If you look at my above post, you'll see the link.


  • seven006

    I never quote scriptures, it turns my gut, but this time I just have to:

    "You will know my people by their love for one another."


    Give my love to Sharon, and her family and tell her she can call me if she feels like it. I saw this one coming. That cult is just god dammed unbelievable.


  • Ravyn


    the thing was he had just been councilled about keeping his hours up and the elders warned him he would be removed if he didn't improve. he was working two jobs, supporting his wife and three kids, one of which was having unidentified seizure problems, and he had been 'invited' that day to work with the PO. He was under alot of stress that JWs put on him, and if they had not been in the equation, none of it would have happened like that anyway.


  • RedhorseWoman

    After speaking with Sharon some time ago, I somehow doubt that the actions of this despicable organization will silence her.

  • LyinEyes

    This is in memory of my Mother, who had been disfellowshipped for only a few months , for smoking, after getting out of rehab for a prescription drug problem. The elders never once went to see her in the hospital, when she overdosed, before entering rehab, nor did they go see her or send a card, call, while she was in rehab. I would say almost 99% of those in my Mom's group were smokers , as she was before becoming a witness, it was too tempting to go back to smoking and it is hard to get off the drugs after so many years.

    She did get off the drugs, but was still depressed, and saddened by the letter she got in the mail, informing her she had been disfellowshipped for smoking. No one tried to contact her in her new apt. all the while this was going on my dad was having an affair with a much younger sister and the divorce was in the works. The elders were too concerned with getting my dad, so to speak, since he was an elder, to care anything about my mother, it was easier just to throw her away.

    She many times talked to me about how she felt so alone, and tossed away by my dad and the elders for not caring. She thought in her depressed state of mind, that Jehovah wouldnt forgive her for her sins , and that she had sinned so bad there was no turning back. I tried to tell her that wasnt true, but I was just 18, I think if any of the elders would have went to her and quoted scripture it would have soothed her tortured soul. She died believing she was not worthy , she died, feeling there was no hope for her.

    In Memory of my Mother,,,,,,,, Lura Anne Davis,,,,,,,,,Born Feb.2,1950--Suicide Sept.15,1985

    This is the last picture I have of her,,,,,,,,,, she was only 35 yrs old.

  • Tatiana

    LyinEyes....I am so sorry for you. She was beautiful. And a thousand times more worthy than the people who condemned her. Her heart was 10 times more loving than theirs. She cared.

    I hate this religion and what it does to people. If you'd like to add her and her pic to the victim's list, here is the link again.



  • SheilaM

    Oh boy, what to say I am sorry that the witnesses destroyed not only a man but his family. What they did to the headstone is an abomination, and these people thing God approves my GOD what is wrong with the lot of themThey turn parent against parent, parent against child on and on. I am just shaking and sick by reading this horror.

    Lyin I am so sorry about your Mother, I wish I had words to help you not hurt but I know there just isn't any.

    I almost lost my Thunder Rider to their sensless mind control and I fought tooth and nail to keep him on this planet. I was councilled when he chose to seek therapy for the emotional and physical abuse by his parents. I told the elder basically how dare he tell me not to get help for my husband, and what the hell would he say at his funeral and to my children. Also I do want to add I had told this to his wife my "friend" in confidence when I went to the restroom she told him everythinghmmmmmm, and I wonder why I am reluctant to have friends geesh.

  • LyinEyes

    I like wise, share in my sorrow , to the families that have been torn apart by the WT ignorant man made rules. They don't care.........bottom line. I could write a book on the things they have done .

    At my mom's funeral , not one witness showed flowers, no cards, no calls...... we had to get a justice of the peace just to lay her to rest. My husband and I were both active faithful witnesses at the time, and they couldnt even show up for us???? I will never forgive them, each time I think of the empty wall, that was for the memorial flower arrangements. It should have been full, my mother loved flowers, and she had a running account at her favorite florist because she was always sending each sick, depressed, or for any reasons, flowers , it was her way. She even did so , signing the card from the whole congregation, when in fact it was done single handed , by her , her own idea .

    To me it was a slap in my face, and a slap to her face, even as she was asleep in death, they slapped her again and again. They condemned her for her suicide, by refusing to even do a grave site service, no talk, no last goodbyes, to a lady who did so much for that congregation.

    My heart goes out to the family of the brother mentioned above and his family, to Sharon for what she is going thru, and to all of you ,who likewise, have shownn more love than any witnesses ever did.

    It was just this year , since I left the JW's that I had people telling me how sorry they are about my mom, who wrong she was done, and they didnt even know her,,,,,,,,, it touched me more than I can say. For the first time in 17 yrs,,,,,,,,, I have been able to mourn my Mother, which was denied me , by the way the WT treats funerals, especially suicides.

    Tatiana,,,,,,,, thanks so much for the words you said about my mom, she was worth more than she knew.

    Shiela, thank god, you listened to your instincts on getting Thunder help. My mom was in rehab but felt by her JW conditioning that the counseling done by "worldly" doctors was not going to work, She stopped her therapy. One thing lead to another , spiraling down to total despire and no one to turn to ,,,,,,, she just wanted to be loved and forgiven by God, and she thought the elders would give her that. It is not theirs to give, only God can do this, I wish she would have known that back then.

    I read that list,,,,,,,,, and I am planning on adding Mama's to it,,,,,,,,,,I have so much saddness about all the deaths, and at the same time ,,,,,,,,, great anger.

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