Arctic Ice Increasing

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  • prologos
    There is issue of gravity which limits the heights of the mountain ranges on Earth. Mars have much higher mountain than Earth due lower gravity

    kalk, you are contradicting the bible. Rev 20:8 says " --four corners of the earth-- gravity will not be any problem, for the bible also says :materials will be upgraded. " stone for wood, copper for iron , gold gor silver -- so the paradise no doubt will have sub-strata with a diamond hard, titanium kevlar tensile strength crust, not the crummy crumbling stuff like now. The wt society is already at it, readying everything with the best materials, no cost spared, in their buildings.

    Satan's (Gog's} attack will be so much easier too, running downhill from those corners.

    Perry, where are you, help me defending with these biblical insights?

  • bohm

    Imagine you live near a lake. At some point you detect lead in the lake and you notice your friend upstream is putting out a lead-containing compound in the lake.

    You tell him to stop because he is making the lake toxic. He says: But lead is a natural compound, you should expect to find it in the lake.

    So you show him the amount of lead has been increasing for the past months closely correlated with the amount of lead he has put into the lake.

    So he says: But that's not proof. It might be some other source of lead which is poisoning the lake. So you show him computations which show the amount of lead he is putting into the lake relative to the body of water can be expected to increase the amount of lead in the lake.

    So he comes back with a glass of water and tells you: Look, no lead in this water. So you ask him where he got the water from and he says he got it right near a small stream leading into the lake after a rainfall. So you tell him your claim is not *every part* of the lake has gotten more lead in it, only that on average the amount of lead has gone up.

    So he tells you how you can know that lead is bad for life in the lake? You show him medical evidence for this. He tells you that if the lead is bad for the fish, it's also bad for the mosquitoes, and that's good insofar he is concerned.

    Then you give up trying to convince your neighbor and accept the lake will be poisonous.

  • prologos

    kalk, I hope all understand that the climate and change of shape (4 corners of the earth) after the millennium were mentioned with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Interestingly though, if one takes the circle of the earth not as the flat plate of the horizon,( Job 26: 10) but as a sphere, as wt alleges, the 4 corners of the Earth mentioned in Rev 20:8 would form a tetrahedron, in 3 dimensions, not a cube, and your mountains Kalk would indeed be steep, like the matterhorn, everest.

    Those nations would be in a precarious position indeed. (if the talking snake talked them into taken that lofty position), they would know bad for sure.

    picture it Perry: perilous and the ice crystal in the arctic has 60 degree angles too. on topic.

    BSW kalk, that geometric exercise should remind you of the work of one J. Kepler, famous citizen of Praha, who tried to squeeze the tetrahedron, the cube -- into the glassy spheres of Ptolemy, before settling on the ellipses hidden in the data of the other Prager, the T. Brahe.

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