Arctic Ice Increasing

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    And this Perry is what you get when you go to and look for scientific articles with the phrase "global warming":

    [BOOK][B] Possible climatic consequences of a man-made global warming

    H Flohn - 1980 -
    There is increasing concern about man's impact on climate. Studying this problem one
    comes to realize that this influence is not so much felt as a variation of the average values of
    global climate, such as temperature and pressure. Of concern is instead a change in the ...

    [CITATION][C] Global warming(atmospheric temperature variations in Northern Hemisphere)

    MI Budyko, KIA VINNIKOV - Meteorologiia i Gidrologiia, 1976

    [CITATION][C] Estimates of a combined greenhouse effect as background for a climate scenario during global warming

    H Flohn - IIASA proceedings series. Environment, 1978 -
    English. Español. Français. العربية. 中文. Русский. agris. About: How it works; AGRIS
    centers; For contributors; Acceptable use policy. Feedback: Search help. Translate with
    Translator. This translation tool is powered by Google. AGRIS ...

    [CITATION][C] Possible climatic consequences of a man-made global warming. International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg (Österreich)

    H Flohn - 1979 - WP-79–86. XI+ 103 S

    [CITATION][C] Possible climatic consequences of a man-made global warming, 81 (IIASA)

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    [CITATION][C] Possible climatic consequences of a man-made global warming. Intern. Inst. Applied Systems Analysis

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    [CITATION][C] How a global warming could change the geographical future

    RB Cathcart - The Futurist, 1980

    [CITATION][C] Possible climatic consequences of a man-made global warming: energy systems analysis

    H Flohn - International Conference on Energy Systems Analysis, …, 1979

    Potential Consequences of a Global Warming'

    WW Kellogg - Man's Impact on Climate, 1979 -
    ABSTRACT Starting with the generally accepted conclusion that adding carbon dioxide to
    the atmosphere will warm the earth, the time-scale involved in this change depends on how
    mankind uses fossil fuel in the future. It is concluded that mean climatic conditions could ...
  • jws

    fulltimestudent wrote:

    In Australia, we have the unfortunate situation where a sort of a 'Perry' is in control of the state. The current Prime Minister, one Tony Abbott, was educated in a Jesuit College and later trained for the priesthood in a Catholic seminary. Since becoming PM he has demonstrated an ideologically biased opposition to any steps previous governments have taken to overcome this climate crisis, all apparently based on a belief that god will not allow a human disaster. (sour smile).
    Which leads us to ask why is it that these fanatical christians think this way?

    He's Catholic? Didn't the pope recently say climate change is real and man is causing it? And that places like the US are overusing the things that cause greenhouse gases and that climate change really affects some places that are already on the edge? Isn't the pope leader of the Catholics.

    Another reason the fundies often don't want to believe in climate change is spread by things like Fox News and other conservative media. It's a given that their party has co-opted religion. Probably to get the religious people on their side and to vote for them. They are the party for the rich as well. They hate government regulations. If they had it their way, anything for safety would be dropped so business can operate more cheaply. And if we switch to clean energy, many of the oil businesses may lose money.

    So you've got all this media plugging the right wing agendas. They'll be talking against abortion in one part of the show and later about how climate change isn't real. Never mind the facts. People can make a living (and do) of pointing out the things they make up. So while you're tuning in for the religious things like anti-abortion or anti-gay, you're also hearing that greed is good and there's no climate change.

    As I understand it, oil companies knew this was happening since the 80's and supported scientists who said it's not oil. So they'd get funded and be able to preach the oil company's message. It's all about selling a harmful product and more profit. Now I don't think your average fundie is all gung ho for the profits of big oil. It's just the crap their digesting.

  • besty
    The one source I remember the best

    No - thats not what you remember best.

    What you remember best was the fraudulent Time magazine cover you pasted.


  • SecretSlaveClass


    I Completely agree. I hate TV media. In fact anythimg that has bias or agenda, be it conservative or liberal. I don't need either telling me how I should think.

  • LisaRose
    Perry will believe what he wants too, he never lets facts get in the way.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "let God be found true, but every man a liar"

    And now what does God have to do with this issue?

  • kaik

    Global warming is measured fact and there is very little to debate about it. Many of denialists are not aware that regular weather measurement are conducted for several hundred years. In Prague they are measure on daily basis since 1774 such weather phenomena like temperature, humidity, pressure, and rainfall. University of Vienna and Leipzig measure weather even longer. The trend is clear that average temperature is rising. There are some oscillations where some decade were extremely cold while some years had hot dry weather. Any change in global temperature would be tied to oscillation from solar radiation, but rapid increase of temperature in past 200 years is tied to human action.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Here is a temperature map from February 2015 courtesy of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies which shows how the temperatures were distributed. 97% were temperatures that were as warm, warmer or much hotter than average.

    The graph at the bottom of the map is measured in degrees Celsius (1Celsius = 1.8 Fahrenheit). On the map you will find Alaska and Siberia were 7.2 - 15.48F warmer than in the past. Ironically the temperatures for that month were colder than average for 3% of the globe which included 1/3 of the United States.

  • Jeffro


    Time Magazine sums it up for me:

    Ah yes... the peer-reviewed journal... Time magazine. Wait... what?!

  • Jeffro


    Global population of polar bears has increased by 2,650-5,700 since 2001

    Nope. The blogger conflates reviews of estimates with assumptions about actual numbers.

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