Arctic Ice Increasing

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    An ice extent graph showing the year 2015, to this date, in black. The measurements are in millions of square kilometers. This is in full context of the 35 year period of satellite measurements. 1980 is in blue indicating a much higher amount of ice back then. 2012 is an outlier year with a super melt.

    There are fluctuations in the year by year melt but the general trend, decade by decade, not 3 years like Perry showed, shows a massive shrink.

    It's going to keep melting until the whole ice cap disappears during summertime. When that happens (estimated between 2020-2030) it will have a major impact on our weather since open ocean affects the weather differently than an ocean covered with ice.

    Look forward to intensified floods and snowstorms (while, for a couple of decades, it's still cold enough to snow).

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Redvip how can you doubt overwhelming scientific evidence? How can you not trust science above all else? Your electricity is an advent born from of scientific facts. The food you buy atmthe supermarket grown with hydroponics - science. Cars - science. Planes - science. Eye glasses - science. Modern medicine - science. Get a clue and as DJS suggested, learn to read instead of only listing to what YOU AGREE WITH.
  • fulltimestudent

    Yeah! I think I understand why!

    In Australia, we have the unfortunate situation where a sort of a 'Perry' is in control of the state. The current Prime Minister, one Tony Abbott, was educated in a Jesuit College and later trained for the priesthood in a Catholic seminary. Since becoming PM he has demonstrated an ideologically biased opposition to any steps previous governments have taken to overcome this climate crisis, all apparently based on a belief that god will not allow a human disaster. (sour smile).

    Which leads us to ask why is it that these fanatical christians think this way?

    You can read (and then think) about possible reasons in this Huffington Post Australia discussion. (I'd like to elaborate but I'm under a bit of pressure at the moment).

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "Which leads us to ask why is it that these fanatical christians think this way?"

    Fundamentalist Christians tend to be politically conservatives. Conservatives, as part of their inborn temperament, do not care about people outside of their circle of family and friends nor do they care about the environment in general outside of their own backyards. They have neither a social conscience nor a sense of general responsibility for their actions and thus resent anyone telling them that something must be done on this or that problem.

    Once the irritating "We must do something about this" is communicated to them they spin forth a thousand and one excuses and falsehoods to justify themselves.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    as always, well said!

  • Perry

    And here's another interesting find:

    Global population of polar bears has increased by 2,650-5,700 since 2001

    So far in my 52 years on this planet I have been told to fear the following:

    Armageddon by 1975, Acid Rain causing forests to disappear, Ice age predictions of the 1970's, Y2K, Texas turning into a desert due to global warming, etc., etc., etc.

    Time Magazine sums it up for me:



    Polar bear status, distribution & population

    Current polar bear populations

    polar bears worldwide (estimated)
    Source: IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialists Group

    distinct sub-populations (see above map)

    of polar bears are in Canada

    Status by country

    Timeline of polar bear conservation

    Before 1973

    • Several polar bear populations were decimated by unsustainable hunting by European, Russian and American hunters and trappers from the 1600s right through to the mid-1970's.



    • The polar bear was upgraded from Least Concern to Vulnerable by the the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group, based on the likelihood of a decline in the total global polar bear population of more than 30% within the next 35 to 50 years.


    • Ministers and other leaders from the five polar bear range states met in Moscow for the first International Forum on Polar Bear conservation. The leaders made significant commitments to address issues of polar bear habitat, research and trade. This event was supported by WWF.


    • Today, polar bears are among the few large carnivores that are still found in roughly their original habitat and range--and in some places, in roughly their natural numbers.
    • Although most of the world's 19 populations have returned to healthy numbers, there are differences between them. Some are stable, some seem to be increasing, and some are decreasing due to various pressures.

      Status of the polar bear populations in 2014
      • 3 populations were in decline
      • 1 population was increasing
      • 6 populations were stable
      • 9 populations were data-deficient (information missing or outdated)
    • Some populations are still hunted quite heavily, and their status is uncertain.

    In the future

  • Perry


    False Alarm Over Polar Bears Exposed — Again

    Excerpt: As we reported this past August, noting Dr. Crockford’s research, the polar bear/endangered species card is certain to be a major play in the upcoming push for a new global treaty at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris this year. (See: "Desperate Dash of Global Warming.")

    “Given this situation, 2015 is likely to be worse than ever for polar bear spin,” says Crockford. "PBSG-member biologists and their colleagues will continue their frantic bids to stay relevant. Just keep reminding yourself that all the hype has very little to do with the conservation status of polar bears and virtually everything to do with the survival of the IUCN PBSG as an organization and the economic future of polar bear biologists and their ever-growing crop of students.”

    Isn't "science" fun?

  • bohm

    For all newbies, look at this graph. Suppose you had hired someone to invest your pension funds somewhere and this graph was showing your total pension funds over the past 5 years, would you say you were getting richer or poorer? Would you say he was doing a good job? Would you consider withdrawing your money ASAP before he blew it all away?

    According to Perry, the trend is actually up. If the above graph was showing your pension funds, you should be very happy since you were getting richer. Why? Because in 2012 it was lower than it was today, so it is going up.

    If you buy this argument, I have an awesome investment opportunity for you...

  • bohm


    Global warming is obviously real, but there really is no evidence that is caused by humans.I think sometimes we fail to realize that the earth is not static - it too evolves, and goes through difference cyclical stages

    Scientists are aware the earth is not static. That's why they have tried to quantify how the climate varies, for which reasons and by how much for the past 60 years. The conclusion is the CO2 content of the atmosphere is very important, and humans are increasing the CO2 content dramatically; you can then build models around what the impact of the added CO2 will be and compare to past historic trends. The conclusion is the current warming is caused by humans.

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