Name Things You Can't Do If You Are JW...or not supposed to do

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  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    I grew up in the truth and I went to college, our family took vacations all over the world, I owned a--get ready for this--a two-seater sports car, and I went to my prom. You CAN do anything you want if you're simply not afraid of what others say.

    It sounds to me that many of you made decisions your really didn't want to make, or your parents did, and you blame the JW's. Anything I didn't do is my fault as I'm the one who made the decision. Some of which I wish I had made differently, but I take ownership of it.

    Sometimes some of us ex-Witnesses were just pussy Witnesses who did everything for how it looked instead of making any real decisions. I put that blame mostly on ourselves not anyone else. If JW's don't want to take blood transfusions, join the military, celebrate the holidays, run for office, stand for the national anthem, get drunk, whatever, who cares?

    There are very few actual rules they can't do. There are a lot more things that are simply frowned upon. If we did not choose to do those latter things whose fault is that? For me it was my own fault.

  • umbertoecho

    Can't take a paedophile JW to court. Can't protect a child from paedophile without at least two witnesses to the actual crime.

    Can't be a strong woman with a good eduction. Can't speak your mind, belly dance, sing worldly songs, create art from the heart.

    Let's say..........JUST CAN'T!!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    When your d**k's fizzing in your underpants like a wasp in a jar, you can't tug the b*****d ...

  • StarTrekAngel

    Mad Irishman,

    Me and my wife do many things that are actually frowned upon. We just can't tell anyone or the judging will begin. Now do I care?? No I don't, but I know she does. You can't take this things in isolation. You can't discount the influence put on by the different constructs that you get from being there for decades.

    One of the meetings this summer happened to be in one of the hottest Sundays of the year here in Texas. We 112 F in the shadow. I told my wife.. I am not going to wear my coat today, just shirt and tie. She said, why don't you just take it off right after we walk in? I said, because the heat outside is what I am trying to avoid, the inside of the KH is fine. She then asked.. Why don't you just take in your hand, put it on right before the door and take it off right after you sit down?

    I rolled my eyes secretly and just put the coat on and left for the meeting.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i gather its frowned upon to masturbate in the kingdom hall washroom...

    however this doesnt apply to elders or miniscule servants---who--i'm reliably informed---are all wankers anyway.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I could just never understand how the Dubs weren't allowed to clink or clank wine glasses or drinks together before enjoying a meal or drink
  • Lynnie

    Yes it depends on who you are and your status in the org and that will determine what you can and cannot do! Seattle seems to be very liberal in that area, people are always doing 1/2 marathons, going to various rock concerts, celebrating New Year's Eve on that actual day. yes you can do what you want as long as you have an elder as a parent or are in with the cool crowd.

  • naazira

    No smoking

    No masterbation

    No oral sex

    No pink hair

    No long hair for men

    No joining in prayer with Christiandom's followers.

    No talking to former members

    No studying philosophy

    No wearing black nail polish

    No violent movies or concerts

    No saying thank you Jesus or thank you lord

    No becoming close friends with non Jehovah's witnesses

  • SAHS

    “Beth Sarim”: I could just never understand how the Dubs weren't allowed to clink or clank wine glasses or drinks together before enjoying a meal or drink.

    Yes, I was always baffled and irked over that no clinking glasses rule. There is absolutely no basis for it whatsoever. It is really just a social, cultural gesture, similar to shaking hands. I think that the real reason for this stupid rule is to dissuade fellow cult members (“fellow believers”) from any show of solidarity with non cult members (“worldly people”). That’s the psychological basis for it.

  • Sweetp0985
    Ha oh the good ole firecrackers...i remember making my mom soooo upset because she didn't want me and my bro popping fireworks on the holiday but we had to wait til the next lil smart a** told her fireworks wasn't even invented yet during bible times so how can they be bad..

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