The Heartless JW

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  • stuckinarut2

    Just wait for the next obvious witness conclusion: "That you got sick because you left the truth"

    I heard of a young man who left the organisation a year or so ago. He has now been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.... Family members of his made the comment "that's what happens when you leave Jehovah"

    Seriously... You can't make this stuff up.....

  • FayeDunaway
    Similarly, when my good friend's mom died of cancer, my mother blamed her daughter for the death, because she married a worldly guy and became inactive and 'stress can cause cancer.'
  • fukitol
    Heartbreakingly cruel, but look on the bright side. Such an inhumane and cold response is PROOF POSITIVE they are nothing but a nasty, mean, sick little cult that doesn't even understand Christianity 101. They have completely missed the whole point of Jesus' message and are, frankly, just a shitty little brainwashed cult full of judgmental and unloving a'holes.
  • Diogenesister
    FayeDunaway9 hours ago
    Ok. The 'Good Samaritan'...he helped someone he didn't know lying by the side of the road. What would your mother say... 'Oh but my daughter left Jehovah!!'...yeah the Samaritan wasn't the same religion either! Deep seated religious division there...and she's your DAUGHTER. but oh yeah, what did Jesus say would happen to some? They would have no natural affection...
    hey stupid witness parents...Imitate Jesus. Actually religion has nothing to do with it. Be a FREAKING PARENT.

    I would so love to post this to your mother, the press and the branch headquarters ...if they call themselves christian it should at least prick their conscience

    So sorry you are poorly. Xxxxx

  • tiki
    Hang in there girl!!! Seek support systems elsewhere...obviously your mother is seriously lacking in love and compassion. Wish you the best healthiest and emotionally!!!
  • Je.suis.oisif
    Baby. Just an aside, my mum wasnt a jw, and she was just as cold. Sorry to hear your poorly.
  • punkofnice

    I am so so sorry that you are suffering and to compound it all the cult has made your mother into their puppet.

    What can I say? I sigh deeply on your behalf.

    Proof positive that the watchtower corporation is a vile machine of indifference toward anything except control and money.

    Again...I am so sorry for you.

  • WingCommander

    What a heartless wench! That would be my last contact with the toxic individual cult member who bore me. If they were to ever contact me with such a problem, I'd respond, "Go forth, be warm, and well fed....", then **CLICK** as I hang up on them. Let their "spiritual children" and "loving Congregation" take care of them.

    Move on and be grateful these asshats are no longer in your life.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster


    wow... that was devastatingly beautiful logic.... of course, the Samaritans were despised by the Jews who obviously felt they would be currupting themselves but associating in anyway with Samaritans... But what was Jesus teaching with that story?

    "screw your religious doctrin, the guy's bloody sick, help him, it's f***ing human" (I'm using artistic license here, but you get the point)

    Stuff like this convinces me that JW's aren't really following the bible....

  • cultBgone

    So sorry to hear of your pain, I have great empathy for you. This may sound harsh, but cry loads of tears and move on because you can't change the situation, as much as it pains you to experience your mom's coldness. I'm not df'd or da'd but reversely experienced the same cold and unloving behavior from my daughter who has been dragged deep into the borg mind-mud. No light comes in, no ability to think and reason, just a blind follower of a cult she believes to be a religion. Your mom is the same. She isn't really heartless, it's just that the brainwashing is so very thorough and the isolation so very intense, rays of humanity find it difficult to poke through. I am battling every day to unconditionally love this person who denies me, the woman who gave her life. It's extremely tough to function if I even give it thought, so mostly I can't think about it as it's just too painful. My advice to you is to do the same, because thinking about it is continually cutting open a wound that will never truly heal. I'm hoping you find the best way to live with your illness, which is what you need to focus on now, so please turn all your attention to loving yourself and pushing away the negative emotions as they will make it harder to cope. Many hugs for you, babygirl

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