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  • reubenfine

    Nice thread, Ded. I'm sure you made the right decision for yourself and I congradulate you. The elder's conduct was disgusting as usual. I hope the best for you and yours from now on. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Lisa, you crack me up!

  • Farkel

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  • Swan

    Dedalus wrote:

    I know some people write long explanations for why they leave, but if I did that, I'd end up with ten pages or so, because it's impossible to adequately explain the totality of one's position in matters like these, especially when the people to whom you explain will deliberately misconstrue at every opportunity.

    I agree. I wrote long letters to my family explaining my reasons, but to the judicial committee of the congregation I wrote the following two line letter.

    "Due to changes in my life that are in conflict with the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, I no longer want to be known as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. That is all I am willing to say on the matter, so there is no need for the committee to visit me."

    Notice that I never say that I don't want to not associate with Jehovah's Witnesses, I just say that I don't want to be known as one. It's a technicality, but it's one that I felt was important to me being the one who is in control of this decision.


  • Maverick

    I am sorry for the pain you have suffered by the unloving, thoughtless way you were treated. The True God and His Son do not approve of this lack of love. But are there only two ways out of the WatchTower world? Check out the Baptism Nullification letter on the friends forum. The advantage of this option is that any "thinking Witnesses" caught associating with you cannot be officially punished. And the pharisee have to be very careful as to what they say and to whom they say it, lest they set themselves up for a slander lawsuit.

  • LB

    Nothing is so important as a judicial meeting. Nothing. Have you remember that right???? Great elders there.

    Teejay curious thread to piss on.

  • dedalus

    The advantage of this option is that any "thinking Witnesses" caught associating with you cannot be officially punished. And the pharisee have to be very careful as to what they say and to whom they say it, lest they set themselves up for a slander lawsuit.

    I appreciate that, Maverick, but no thanks. I don't want my life to become some legal tug-and-war. Just want to cut my losses and move on. For me, anyway, I have too much else to do, things more personally fulling than devoting much more of my life to Witness concerns. Just a little posting on JW.com now and then, that's pretty much enough for me.

    Thanks to everyone else for your comments.


  • JT

    not to dog you or anything, for i realize that each person must do what they feel is best

    but this is the very reason I WOULD NEVER WRITE A LETTER to a bunch of "Untrained Volunteer Clergy" as JR Brown described the elders

    these clowns stepped onto your property, they totally disrespected you, your family , your house, even the Damn The Dog- FeeFee

    when you are dealing with such persons IN MY VIEW they are completely undeserving of ANY TYPE OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of their Position, Title, whatever the hell you want to call it-

    After the second time you told them ---the kid was sick --IN MY VIEW -the door should have been closed in their faces,

    i realize that for many such actions gives them a "sense of closure",

    but to be treated like shit, then sit down and write a letter. paper, stamp to be sent to some clowns who will read the first 2 lines and start the process of DFing/DaAng you-------------- PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IN MY VIEW ONLY - if i would write something it will certainly not be a bunch of quotes from some old wt and forget that XEROXING TRASH ----------i ain't going to drive down to Kinko's to make no copy of nothing

    This is my suggestion, if you really want to "F%ck" with the elders -

    send their A$$ some legal threats. i mean they are going to DOG YOU-- ANYWAY--, you might as well have some fun-

    and sending them some quote from Russell's Studies in the Scriptures to me don't cut it-

    Tell them: --- I will Sue your "Black A$$" or if they are white guys "Your White A$$"

    if you read my name off from the platform -- i will come after you for slander and defamation of character-

    i would tell them to call the WT Legal dept and ask, WILL THE SOCIETY BE PROVING THEM WITH ATTORNEYS WHEN THEY GET SUED

    AND OF COURSE --LEGAL will tell them- THEY ARE ON THEIR OWN smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i mean come on guys --you got to be more Creative than some ho hum - "No one calls me or speaks to my kids stuff" "they changed the so and so teaching" ---------please any first year elder can explain AWAY NEW LIGHT STUFF

    BUT TELL them you want that Damn "Bass Boat" they got in the backyard or that new Ford F150 and you will see a horse of a different color,

    cause i'm telling you in the last 3 months i make it my business to speak to Johnny Cochran everytime i see him in the elevator

    he has opened a practice up here in Washington DC - same building i'm in 1100 NY Ave NW wash, dc ( the old bus station)

    and i will gladly pay the $150+ for him to send a Threat letter to the local boys and Patterson- smile it would be PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • dedalus

    I hear you, JT, and you've even got me chuckling some, but,

    if you really want to "F%ck" with the elders

    I'm not interested in fucking with anyone. I just want out. That's it. Didn't want to join a crusade, consult a lawyer, any of that. Didn't want to show them up or give back what they deserved or make them see how it is. I just wanted to be disconnected from them, completely -- I wanted to leave the ambiguous haven of inactivity, which no longer felt right to me.

    They (and anyone else) can do or think or say whatever they want about it -- I don't care.


  • JT
    Dedalus, I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances. I am constantly reminded of one of our fellow poster's comments on disassasociation. JT has mentioned that this concept was created by the boys in Bethel and it was a brilliant stroke of genius for the lawyers and Service Dept. He has said many times that disassociating yourself is something that you should seriously consider. Why make it easy for the elders and the Society to make YOU do the procedure? Why not let THEM take action against YOU? You may even have some later opportunity to go after them, legally...

    you are a man after my heart-

    most jw don't have any idea of how much Bethel rejoices each time one sends in a DA, the Hell if the last thing I do on leaving wt is TO MAKE THEIR HEART REJOICE, after they have "D!cked" me around for 35yrs you got to ne kidding-


  • JT
    I wanted to leave the ambiguous haven of inactivity

    I fully understand your position- don't get me wrong, but once again your post hilights why the Concept of DA is a joke

    you mentioned "Inactivity" think about it, what the hell is "inactivity"- sounds like a bear that is sleeping during the winter- smile

    these are thier concepts and terminology not yours and mine-

    but like i said i understand and respect your reason

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