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  • obiwan

    This may sound a little incencere but I hope they didn't know what hit them or feel a thing....

  • freedom96

    I woke this morning to the news on my alarm radio, about 15 minutes after this happened. Shocking, to say the least. Prayers go out to the families and all those affected.

  • nightwarrior

    We have just turned on the TV to be greeted by the awful news...

    May all of you in US take care, and especially all you in Texas...take great care, know that we are thinking of you all....

    Another disaster, another family grieving.....this is so sad.. words are not enough

    Chris and Cath


  • meadow77

    Elsewhere-Beautiful post!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the astronauts. Heroes and pioneers indeed!

    To all our fellow posters in TX-hope you are out of harms way, and taking whatever precautions you need to, prayers and thoughts to you as well.

    A sad tragedy.

  • outnfree

    I am just sick about this, sick. Literally nauseous. So sad.

    Thanks for putting up that info, Elsewhere.


  • Valis

    The crash site spans some 150 miles from Palestine, TX to the Louisianna border. Fortunately for all us earth bound folks that area is very rural and I would imagine there will be pieces that are never found. This is definitely a sad day for our planet.


    District Overbeer

  • Mary

    holy god this is terrible...............

  • Shakita

    So sad. No words.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • imanaliento

    the news has been on our house all morning and now into the afternoon. very sad indeed.

  • DazedAndConfused

    This is a horrible thing to happen. These people are true heroes. They knew ahead of time that there were risks to what they were doing...yet they did it. Very heroic people. Not to sound harsh or anything, they knew that this was a possibility, heart and prayers go out to their family and friends. I do hope that no others are effected (ie. those on the ground).

    I put up my flag of the U.S. shortly after hearing about this and a neighbor of mine stopped her car in front of my house to thank me for putting it out. We must feel a sense of pride for what these men and women did.

    May a sense of peace come over the remaining family, because these people did know the risk and they did it for all of mankind.

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