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  • VeniceIT

    I can't belive that it's been 17 years since the last one. I was in school watching in live on TV, very traumatic!!! OMG this is aweful..........I'm sick..........


  • Abaddon

    It looks like it disintegrated at 12,500mph and 200,000 ft. This means that there is no hope of any survivors - see below quote and URL, also see , although this URL is /. due to high traffic at the moment.

    They took the family out of the Control Centre a few minutes after they lost contact. Poor people.

    "There is no in-flight crew escape system for the orbiter other than for abort below 20,000 feet during a controlled glide," the panel stated in its annual report in February.

    That abort system, put in place after the 1986 Challenger disaster, calls for astronauts to blow the hatch, slide out on a pole and parachute, hopefully, to safety.

  • copsec

    I cannot imagine the anguish of the poor families to have to watch this happen before their very heart and thoughts are with them.

  • Elsewhere

    I was in seventh grade when the challenger exploded. I remember vividly... I was in a science class when the announcement came over the PA system.

    Here is a pic from the video this morning...

  • Shutterbug

    Elsewhere, Shutterbug, Valis, Jesika, Mega, Sixi, Comf, Bix Tex, Cruz, and everyone we care about living in that area, be careful......

    Thank you for your concern Stacey. This incident happened some 350 to 400 miles southeast of where we live in the Texas Panhandle. I am, however, somewhat worried about my daughter in the Denton area who we have not contacted yet. Denton is a few miles north of Dallas, but from what I can tell from the news reports the shuttle was coming down a little south of Dallas. As you know, the northeast Texas area is heavely populated, so if the debris is coming down in that area I would be surprised if it didn't hit someone. Will keep you informed as soon as I have any information.


  • Silverleaf

    True heroes all. They represent the pinnacle of human achievement - the last people this world needs to lose. May Goddess bless their jounrney to the next world.


  • LovesDubs

    I believe those tiles that were hit on take off...caused this burn out and explosion but at that point there was no way they could have brought them back down anyway...this would have happened in any event, Im afraid.

  • Solace

    Dallas residents:

    If everyone in the Dallas area could check in, to let us know they are all ok. It would be such a comfort to everyone.

    Bug, Else & Abaddon,

    Thanks so much for the updates.

  • VeniceIT

    I hope the planes in the DFW area are ok, flying with all that debris yikes talk about scary!!!! Glad to see your ok Else, bug and abaddon


  • simplesally

    This is incredibly sad! Catastrophies like this mark your life! The Challenger Space Shuttle, The LA riots, big earthquakes, 9/11 and now this!

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