London Bethelites Are Agitated!

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  • Oubliette
    You're welcome ToesUp, but did you become a member? Did you join Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption church?
  • millie210

    DOC mentioned above the waste at the local and circuit level that he observed.

    One good example is the "Pioneer School"

    The friends are probably not aware of all that is done there. The circuit has a budget of money that it collects from donations that are available to the "host" Hall where the school is held. Money for bottled water and dry goods used to be what was spent for pioneer school.

    As everyone is aware, each Hall has a designated day to feed the group and a LOT of personal funds are spent by brothers and sisters fulfilling their day.

    That was how it started in my area....

    since the pioneers spend the night staying with local families and no evening meal is provided, the custom got started to bring a tiny disposable dish to take home or glean whatever was left from lunch.

    (now bear in mind that most host families DO provide snacks or soup or food for their guests the letter to the pioneers just told them there was no formal arrangement for dinner)

    So this arrangement for gleaning after lunch morphed in to the host Hall buying disposable storage containers when they bought the bottled water and dry goods etc.

    Now people took a lot more food than could just be tucked in to a cup or napkin! Some even filling their containers as they went down the line to get their lunch to make sure what they liked wouldnt be gone later, (not at all what "gleaning is about).

    The sisters working the food lines would observe with anxiety the food availability and word quickly got out to bring LOTS so they could fill their little dishes.

    (There is a very competitive spirit amongst the sister Halls in the circuit vying for their "feeding day" to be the BEST)

    and this just ramped that up even more.

    The letter outlining the plan that is given ahead to the pioneer states there will be coffee in the morning. Of course this turns in to donuts and cookes etc.

    The break in the afternoon for more coffee used to have any left over desserts from lunch but NOW they are all packed up in the supposed gleaning activity thus necessitating extra sweets be furnished and this is now its own separate glut fest.

    The last day there is a HUGE decorated cake and there is much in fighting over the buying or making of the cake and by whom.

    The sisters in the host Hall man the morning "coffee" event as well as a couple staying to be available to the visiting sisters who are bringing food for their assigned day. They also clean each day.

    Of course the brother overseeing this whole event parades around nodding and smiling when he is complimented on how well everything is going.

    The local sisters showing up each day to insure "how well its going" are ready to pull their hair out and fighting with one another by the end of the wonderful two weeks of spiritual encouragement.

    Any expenses later that cant be explanied away on the circuit budget are brought up at the local elders meeting and they pay up - or dont which causes some meetings to run late in to the night.

    The shortfall of monies usually amounted to about $60 or better per elder and we have 10 elders in the local Hall

    When all is said and done the true overhead is greater than $3/ day per person. This is NOT including the work. money and time of those donating the food NOR does it include the donated food. It is also not including what the Circuit allotted.

    So add that up for the entire length of the school and the attendees. I have done work related BBQs and school related fund raisers for my kids where the budget and amount spent was much less. It is one of the worst uses of the donated money around and no one is ever really aware.

    How do I know all this? I used to be "that" sister.

    This last week the new "that sister"who does it now came over for a stiff drink and some venting LOL

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    Oubliette, Sorry, I tried to hit the like button on the video but on this crazy smartphone my big fingers miss the tiny spot.
  • millie210

    My apologies Searcher!

    Didnt mean to post so off topic...I was drinking my coffee and ruminating and well...

    ON topic: It is very encouraging to hear that the London Bethelites are getting the feed back they are!

  • Oubliette
    rebelfighter, no worries!
  • rebel8

    I remember what millie said happening when I was a teen in pioneer school (except for the containers). It is such a competition and the sistas got snarky. What a huge imposition and expense it is too.

    The amount of food served was extreme. They were constantly trying to get us to eat more & acted personally insulted if we, the royalty, didn't like their dish.

    What grown adult needs a dessert for breakfast (donut), snack, lunch, snack and dinner? Plus about 3 main courses and countless side dishes and appetizers.

    I felt like a pig being led to the slaughter. I was young and wanting to stay fit for the bros, not gaining 15 lbs in 2 weeks so I could be a frumpy pioneer wearing prairie skirts.

    It was kind of like the buffets on the cruise ships, but instead of the food serving 100, it served 30.

    After you become a pioneer, they drop you like a hot potato. Reminds me of love bombing.

  • ToesUp


    We are joining RIGHT NOW!! LOL

  • millie210

    Ha Rebel, nice to see I am not the only one...

    Over on the pro JW forum they are all talking about how much weight they gained at Pioneer School and all the good food.

    Totally different from when Jesus said just a few things are needed?

    But the words of Jesus take a second seat - egos are involved! There are points to score!

  • ToesUp

    It's funny, most of us here work full or part time jobs. I do not recollect anyone providing me any breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Let the pioneers pack there own lunches like the rest of us have to do for assemblies or work.

    This whole cult has become a huge competition. They can have it, we are enjoying our lives!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    No probs Millie - all information is useful!! :)

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