London Bethelites Are Agitated!

by The Searcher 46 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • WingCommander
    Holy Crap! Is that a REAL WatchTower, and not an funny apostate made-up cover? For real????? Now those posuers act and look exactly the same! Incredible hypocrisy!
  • steve2
    Millie210 enjoyed your lively account of the background competitive "work" that goes on! It sounds awful - and this from an organization that deplores the showy one-up-manship in other religions.
  • millie210

    Hi Steve, yes it is just one more aspect of being the happiest people on earth!

    (not - oh SO not)

  • Magwitch
    Millie210........Wow! That was definitely a trip down memory lane. I feel little sick remembering.........
  • millie210

    Ah, so you have done that whole mind boggling job too!

    This past year. a sister was hurling fruit at the wall behind the table because she was mad someone didnt cut it up the way she thought they should....

    but she is one of the HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!

  • Petraglyph
  • Vidiot

    @ Stumpy...

    Jeezus, what are they trying to do?

    Deliberately trigger cognitive dissonance?

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