3 Gods Equal 1 God?

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  • 7robert7

    As I sat back thinking of some of the discussions I've had with Witnesses over the years, one always stands out. The issue of the trinity teaching, whereby Father(Jehovah), Son(Jesus), and Holy Spirit when combined equal One God.

    A Witness friend from work once said that it was an impossability, and was beyond human understanding.

    I asked him what he thought we believed about the trinity, to which he responded with a math lesson.

    1 Jehovah God + 1 Jesus God + 1 Holy Spirit God = 3 Gods, he went on to state that 1 + 1 + 1 can never equal 1 God, it always equals 3. To which I added a little math lesson I learned as a child.

    1 Jehovah God X 1 Jesus God X 1 Holy Spirit God can equal 1 Almighty God.

    Like my teacher always said, " Its in the math, my dear Robert, your just not applying the right laws."

  • crossroads

    I know I'm going to get beat up for this but I can't resist.
    The math problem according to Lennon:
    One and one and one is three
    got to be good lookin' cause your so hard to see
    MY interpretation of this JOHN's gospel
    They are so hard to see thus becoming all fuzzy
    and thus one. Reinforces statement by saying
    come together.[all becoming one]
    Another believer in the THREE all being ONE.
    Peace to All and to All goodnite

  • Frenchy

    Your math makes no sense.

    The Trinity is the term employed to signify the central doctrine of the Christian religion -- the truth that in the unity of the Godhead there are Three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, these Three Persons being truly distinct one from another. Thus, in the words of the Athanasian Creed: "the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three Gods but one God." In this Trinity of Persons the Son is begotten of the Father by an eternal generation, and the Holy Spirit proceeds by an eternal procession from the Father and the Son. Yet, notwithstanding this difference as to origin, the Persons are co-eternal and co-equal: all alike are uncreated and omnipotent. --The Catholic Encyclopedia

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • RR

    The trinity is a God-dishonoring doctrine!

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • Flowerpetal

    1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 = 1 as well.

  • Undecided

    Hi All,

    I just can't see how the statements by Christ can ever be understood if the doctrine of the trinity is true.

    No one knows the day and hour but the father.

    Father into your hands I commend my spirit.

    Why have you forsaken me?

    My father is greater than I.

    The only begotten son.

    Not my will but yours.

    Etc, etc.....

    The whole christian concept is a man made religion like the pagan religions. If God could just be here, why couldn't the universe just be here? We can only use our imagination to try and figure out why we are here and the future is just as much a mystery as our presence here now. There are no provable answers to anything other than what we see and hear in the physical universe. Nature sure doesn't prove a God as described by christians. Life is a mystery and then we die, after that no one knows anything more.

    OK, prove something more!

    Ken P.

  • trevor

    God is everywhere,
    In everything that is living and his energy is
    moving and active even in apiece of rock that
    appears to be still. Why limit him to 1, 2 or 3 parts
    he is billions of parts and all those parts add up to one.
    I never was good at maths!

  • dark clouds
    dark clouds

    your math makes perfect sense. . . .

    All religion is created by man including man's interpretation of god. . .
    Spirituality on the other hand no one needs to explain either you feel it or you don't. . .

    the reason i responded though was to share the following:

    there are many belief systems that push this trinity issue further as to say that god is:
    nine-fold(3 x 3)
    most of these stem from earth based religions which have found patterns in creation and reflect the nature of the divine creator. . .

    the Kabalah's tree of life takes up the suddivision up to 10.
    where each sephiroth [light/energy/element] is an emanation of the divine one. . .


  • willy_think

    when man and wife marry there is one or 1+1=1 or the bible might be wrong, or maby math (an abstract mobel representation of what is) is not adequate to speek of what is beyond. it seems to me that people are saying i don't understand the math so it must be beyond god, not necessarily so. what we don't understand can be.

    who but the WTB&TS inc. or any of there subsidiary companies, deny the christ in this way? the WT rejects almost everything about jesus.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • Yerusalyim

    I'm tired of being a NEWBIE, I want to be a Junior Member, how many times do I need to post to become a "Junior member"?

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