WHEN people leave a cult...MAN landed on the moon? Or critical thinking......

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  • StarTrekAngel

    I think we are beginning to have an understanding. Isn't the world just beautiful?

    I do mean exactly what OprhanCrow points out and that is why I say that Viviane's statement is correct but misses the part where we insert our humanity. Our relationships and our feeling towards others. I can not say that her meals are any more or less special that my mom's (although my mom wasn't the best cook). Even when my wife is a great cook, her raising the bar high from the perspective of taste does not render my moms meals any less special or at any level bellow those of my wife. Fortunately for me, neither one of them has attempted to have me tell who cooks better :)

  • Viviane
    I did insert humanity, specifically that part that protects us from the type of thinking that get us anti-vaxers, global warming deniers and the like.
  • StarTrekAngel
  • Vidiot

    @ StarTrekAngel...


    My mom has freely acknowledged on many occasions that my wife is a far better cook than her or my dad (who actually did the bulk of the cooking when I was growing up).

  • StarTrekAngel
    LOL. At first, I would tell my wife that I had no way to tell (if I wanted to) because my wife cooks mostly Mexican dishes and my mom is in another country. Eventually my wife started exploring other dishes, including those of my origin.

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