WHEN people leave a cult...MAN landed on the moon? Or critical thinking......

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  • millie210
    Hi The Rebel,

    (it appears you chose your user name well : }

    Im glad you found a writing style that worked for you on other threads. We are all just finding our footing here and learning from one another arent we?

    This phrase you used jumped out at me

    The Rebel
    when the heart wishes to speak

    this is and always has been what has the most power,


  • millie210
    I am fascinated by people who have the ability to communicate their ideas, concepts and insight accurately with few words and in that comment you did exactly that.

    I am fascinated by that also SSC.

    I cant do it very well but I do admire it greatly!
  • StarTrekAngel

    Agree. The heart speaks. Is what makes us humans. No amount of education or self inspection is going to turn us into robots, no matter how much you would like to think that you can do that.

    I too highly respect people who can articulate so easily. Many of us are not able to do so in one statement and it takes some clarification to get to our point. If this wasn't the case, businesses would run in half or less the amount of meetings it takes today and Scott Adams wouldn't have a job making fun of corporate America.

    You may be shocked for what I am about to say, but chances are that the disagreements you read between me and Viviane here, are probably rooted in the above. Although she would probably disagree. There is beauty in that.

  • Viviane
    Like you never left a question unanswered? Oh, sorry, I forgot... you were "bored". I told you I could keep going if you wanted to, which is more than a pinch ahead of not answering at all

    I never claimed to answer every question. Try and stick with reality, please. It a crucial skill for critical thinking (there's some more enlightenment for you). As for the rest of comment, well, failed attempts at sacasm and wit are never pretty.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    When the heart wishes to speak.

    Millie210:- " I am glad you found a writing style"

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, they meant a lot. I am now trying to develop this style on " compound and complex" thread " The Teacher"

    The Rebel.

  • Alive!


    Would love to know you in real life.

    What a journey this is.

    Love reading you.



  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I started this thread about a month ago. So what have I learnt?

    A) I am just an ordinary poster.

    B) More worried about myself and my posting image than other posters opinions. ( I have tried to correct that)

    C) I don't start, or respond to posts to be controversial, but I won't hide where I am at.

    D) If we don't speak or rather write from the heart our words are like gonorrhoea,which in my definition is a disease requiring the exposition of a shameful secret.

    So in my opinion " Words are words" " Ego is ego"

    But like most people who write words here I have an " ego" " inner feelings" and a " luck of education" . Such failure is a lonely work when the more educated shout to loudly, and crash the uneducated down.

    But it's wonderful when empathy is heard on this "wide world web " so that uneducated people" like myself can learn.

    So what more have I learnt here?


    The scientists here have taught me that there are spheres or levels of different kinds of unity, in art, in nature, and even science. Each has a percuilar existence in each of us. But some think they are 100% right, others think they are 75% right.

    As for me my critical thinking skills my guess they are 50% right, my opinion 45% right, and my posts not read by many. So for most posters I am non existence. But what I read and I write here I do with with my heart, my limited education and my conscience.

    Furthermore I am not interested in splitting ropes with thinkers that do not understand empathy.

    What do I mean by empathy?

    The feeling that each sincere post, is something written by someone special.

    Otherwise sincere posts and the questions raised can leave the poster........well they feel they can't swim here anymore.

    The Rebel.

  • vinman
    I know exactly what you are saying in your posts, and I 100% agree.
  • StarTrekAngel
    Definitely agree.
  • Viviane
    If everyone is "special", that just becomes what everyone is, i.e., normal.

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