Go on welfare!

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  • blondie

    We knew a brother on disability that showed up at all the QBs and went up on the roof to work. I can see someone at a build supervising work, but physically up on the roof. My husband refused to okay him going up on the roof...what if a non-jw who knew him and that he was on disability and saw him on the roof. The other elders agreed it could be a bad witness and the brother stayed on the sidelines..But 6 months later this brother turned 65 and was on Medicare and up on the roof.

    Two Gilead missionaries suggested that we move out to a state and keep our income under the welfare limit, with good health benefits, etc. Some jws know how to work the system.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I had no idea this mooching was so widespread. It makes my blood boil! The hard working productive people of society as a whole have to support these leeches who simply choose not to work to provide for themselves. JWs who milk the system to Pioneer or whatever are no better than the typical "welfare mothers" who intentionally have kids so they can live on welfare instead of getting a job. Polygamist Mormon groups do the same. They call it "bleeding the beast." All this freeloading has got to stop before the whole country goes bankrupt. We simply must get back to a society where self-reliance and personal responsibility are the hallmarks of good citizenship. There should be a "safety net," yes, but it should only be available to those truly in need due to no fault of their own and not something one can just choose to live on instead of working. I think a certain stigma or shame attached to receiving welfare, or a reluctance to be known to be receiving it, serves a good purpose. Take it if you absolutely must, but only for a long as necessary and get off of it as soon as possible.

    By the way, contrary what another poster said earlier, it is NOT "your money," unless you paid into the system and are drawing benefits you yourself earned. Otherwise, you are riding on the work of others and making taxes go up for everyone. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    If anyone has proof that a JW is cheating the welfare or disability system but is reluctant to turn them in for any reason, PM me the details and the evidence and I will do it for you. I don't even need your real name. If enough credible cases of outright fraud are brought to light about JWs using the system to support their "ministry," maybe the government or the media would investigate. Everyone loves a nice juicy scandal.

    Anything that justifiably discredits or exposes the Society for the corrupt organization it is is worth pursuing. And individuals intentionally getting benefits they are not truly entitled to should be made to face the consequences. If it gives the organization or the god they claim to serve a bad name, so much the better.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    There was and still NO plan for retirement for JW seniors. It goes against their teaching.

    Have anyone ever heard a talk on Proverbs 30:25 "the ants that store up food all


  • ShirleyW

    My parents did pretty well with saving their money. It depends on you to do what's right with your money not wait for any guidance from the greedy Borg, they'll just encourage you to leave your money to them. Quite a few of my friends parents did well with their retirement regardless of the Borg, Many moved down south and some built new homes.

  • rebel8

    She was one credit away for getting her degree when there was an assembly and she realized that Jehovah did not want her to go for higher education and that she should pioneer instead. The strange thing is Jehovah revealed this right when the system cut her off.

    Jehovah needs to get a Day Planner to keep better track of these things. LOL

  • Sabin
    A lot of them sponge off others on top of claiming from the government. We had an elder/pioneer come round our house running down the org, saying he should get help because he was the oldest elder & he didn't have the income, how was he going to attend the pioneer meetings & go on field service for the co`s visit. My husband is the most generous man I know, asked if he could do anything to help & the elder said "100 dollars wouldn't go a miss". My husband gave it to him. Turns out they got more money than us. Nether the less they turned up couple of weeks later bragging about how they had managed to get a 6,000 dollar car off a sister who`s husband had been dead for only 3 weeks. He left her with 250,000 life insurance. She is only in her early 40`s, they bought the car round to show us, I couldn't even go out to look at it I was so disgusted. Then they told us "that was only part of the deal," & announced she was also paying for them to have a 15,000 holiday. Oh how Jehovah has provided for them. They are a f...ing evil couple. The things I could tell you. It would blow a hole in your pants. They are nothing more than a bunch of thieves.
  • ToesUp
    We don't give money out. We just tell the moochers, "we don't have the money to give you." We just don't trust anyone anymore.
  • flipper

    The worst thing about this is that there are people who really need the services and have nowhere else to turn.

    They will be put on waiting lists while these conscience-lacking jerks soak the system.

    Mrs. Flipper

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