Go on welfare!

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Thanks rebel

    I totally agree to report those who are taking advantage of the system. Especially if you can get pictures of them like Magmum said.

    It just makes my blood boil when I see and hear of ones taking advantage of the system.

    When we pioneered we did qualify for public aid and there was no way in Hades I would take it. I felt and still feel that I made the chose to pioneer or go to Bethel, etc and there was no way I would ever take from anyone.

    If Jehovah was going to pick up the slack it would never be though taking advantage of others who pay taxes and work. I have always felt so strong about this.

    I actually felt hurt at that sister for suggesting it to me. Her own daughter is on public aid and she gets horribly treated by her doctors, This sister and her husband help pick up the slack for the daughter so I was kind of blown away when she told me to go on welfare.

    Every hall I have been in there have been ones who are on welfare and it just seemed natural to me growing up. There was one sister with kids my age who was divorced. For some reason she could not find work until the system cut her off when her youngest turned 12 and they told her there was no excuse for her not working. Then the system paid for her to go to collage and she got a job making $60,000.00 a year. It was so unfair.

    Then in the hall I was in before I learned TTATT there was a sister who spit out three kids by different fathers. She somehow knew how to work the system and worked part time but got public aid to go to collage. She was one credit away for getting her degree when there was an assembly and she realized that Jehovah did not want her to go for higher education and that she should pioneer instead. The strange thing is Jehovah revealed this right when the system cut her off. So she sucked the system for years and never got a dregree but she did get a ton of praise and was used as an example at the assembly for dropping out of collage to pioneer. Isn't that sweet.

    The more I read and know about this religion it is so wrong on so many levels.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Also I feel so good working. I always felt like a slug pioneering. We just drove around and around aimlessly not accomplishing anything. I would come home from pioneering wiped not because of being truly tied but because of the gossip and hatefulness of the ones I was in the car group with. I would come home sometimes and not be able to move off the couch just because I was so stress out for the backbiting.

    I love working, making money. I feel so good about myself. I love the fact that my bills are paid on time and that I can save some if I squeeze myself some. When I pioneered all the others wanted to do was stop at McDonald's, or a convenience store and buy sodas and chips and candy bars and they were so expensive plus they packed on the weight and as I said we just sat in the car. Plus no one wanted to use their car so it was usually our car's gas that we were wasting.

    I just do not get how you do not want to take care of yourself. I even get some what of a high from working. I mean I truly wish I had saved more and not pioneered and went to Bethel but that is said and done there is nothing I can do to change it but I can now take care of myself.

    I guess I just do not get those who are able to work who would rather take from the government. I just do not understand where their self respect is. It's OK for a hand up but nothing more.


  • Magnum

    LITS, I can sure relate to your last post above.

    edit: I can actually relate to all your posts on this thread.

  • brandnew

    Pops always told me...."ya dont work......ya dont eat"........


  • millie210

    I think that for at least some JWs, its tied in with thinking that the world is corrupt and the only thing worth anything is the "preaching work".

    They think they are like spiritual Robin Hoods, taking what the worldly government has in order to do their more "lofty" work.

  • wozza
    Unfortunately the Jw teachings seem to breed people who develop a cynical view of "the worldly System" and feel no pangs of guilt at decieving themselves and the authorities.
  • flipper

    It does seem that they think the "worldlies" owe them a living. To think your tax dollars are at work helping these clowns go door to door ruining people's lives.

    My JW mother in law is in a medi-Cal nursing home. Her inheritance was taken over by her "spiritual head" and shuffled around so she would qualify for aid.

    She shares a room with a batshit crazy, ill-tempered 100 year old woman, no peace or solitude.

    She is unhappy there but pretty much resigned to her fate - doesn't want us to make waves.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • smiddy

    It`s all a part of theocratic warfare ,

    If the government is stupid enough to give assistance to all that ask for it then why not pioneer for the society and claim benefits from the government ,

    A win win situation for the true religion , after all , this system of things is governed by Satan the devil ,right ?

    I knew about this attitude back in the 1970`s


  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM
    This makes me so cranky - I had a colleague hwo wa a Witness and he quit to go off and pioneer with his new JW wife and work three days a week. When I asked him why he would abvandon a well paid job to work part time in a low paid job and how could he raise a faimly in such circumstances he basically said he was following in his parents footsteps which surprise surprise involved living in council housing and milking the welfare system. This welfare dependence is core to the WBTS business model. Taxpayers subsidise the WBTS' free sales force through welfare.
  • GodZoo
    I tried to argue with her about how taking from the government was wrong..

    Taking from the government? The government has nothing. Its not a private business. All the money the government has has been taken from the people in the form of taxes. So it's in fact your money. Never feel bad about that.

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