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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am going to make this short. I ran into a older JW women who I have known my whole life. She is pushing 80 and will never change. Well anyway the subject of retiring came up and I mentioned how pioneering and going to Bethel did not give a 401 plan and that I will probably have to work until I am at least 75.

    Now this women in all fairness is a really nice person and is just totally mind controlled by the cult. She really does not have any true reasoning ability. I totally got that from talking with her last week and it made me sad. Her husband is not a JW and they have a pension and SS money, They say they struggle but they do fine.

    So without missing a beat she said just stop working and go on welfare. I was just blown away. She said that at least one JW lady get better care than those who support themselves.

    I tried to argue with her about how taking from the government was wrong when I had chosen my life and I had made the decision to pioneer, etc and that it was not fair to expect others to support me now through taxes but I just let it go realizing that it was impossible to reason with her. She was going to think what she thinks and she sees nothing wrong with using the system.

    I just could never take like that but that truly is the JW mind set.

    Speaking of which it is off to work for me now.


  • DesirousOfChange

    I know of several JWs who draw SS Disability, but they are well enough to pioneer and work on QuickBuilds etc

    Making use of the worldly riches (of others).


  • ToesUp
    Oh yes...there are more JW's taking from the Government. We have family members doing this as we speak. We have watched many a JW take from the government (all in the name of Jehovah) and also mooch off of any available person they can (a free place to stay, a free meal or two or three or four,etc, or a green hand shake) . These desperate JW's are great "suck ups."
  • kairos

    I knew a long time single pioneer woman that purposely made the right amount of money to maintain welfare for as long as I knew her. ( 20+ years )
    She would refuse to work or accept money that would disqualify her benefits.

    She's DF'd now and still thinks it's the truth, even though she has been out for nearly two years living with a witness man she broke up a family to have as her own...

  • Theburstbubble
    I've seen this first hand too. Our congregation coordinator always advocated the 'simple life' and would often point out that me and my husband who had good jobs should simplify our lives as our careers were a distraction. However, he worked part-time and his wife didn't work and the rest of their income was made up of benefits...

    I'm not sure that I could even name all the JWs that mooch of the system they claim to hate. There are so many that deliberately refuse to pay for health care and the like, because that would require a real job. So we all foot the bill.


  • Sweetp0985
    Yep, I know someone that gets SSI disability/food stamp, won't try to find a job at all but will faithfully be at the KH to pioneer. But when I bring up the scripture that says if you don't work you don't eat, she says she's working for Jehovah and he will provide for her.....
  • millie210

    One of the highly touted elders locally is receiving money for a fake disability and yes he is front and center at all quick builds

    Until reading here I didnt know it was so wide spread.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It's really sad, most of the brothers that came in the 60's and 70's are still working because

    they kicked in very little for SS. I know of a couple of brothers that married sisters and these

    sisters had unbelieving mates who died. The sisters unbelieving mates worked their whole life,

    so now the brothers is living off the unbelieving mate SS.

  • stuckinarut2

    "Working for Jehovah" qualifies them for govt welfare?!?


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