Court seizes over one million Jehovah's Witnesses brochures brought into Russia

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  • Mephis
    Funny how some apostates cry "it's a harmful cult, its a harmful cult " then defend that cults right to distribute cult material.
    While freedom of expression is important, any ban on religious drivel and cult brainwashing material is completely laudable.

    Sadly, determining what is or is not 'religious drivel' at a state level presupposes that the state is in a position to do that. In Russia currently that means with reference to the Orthodox church and a Science Academy which has lost any claim to independent research or thinking (again). "You can't believe this because the Orthodox church disagrees" is not really something to laud. It also is not limited to just their stupid books and magazines, it includes violence and prison. No matter how much I disagree with my family's cult, I'm not going to cheer on a state which would happily see them beaten in the street or imprisoned for going to a meeting because their stupid beliefs aren't the same as some relic worshiping nutjob's stupid beliefs. That's the bigger picture of what is happening in Russia.

    I'd be damned inside and damned outside of the cult in that country for fundamentally the same reasons. Always see the irony of a group which practices its own mini-me totalitarianism running into a bigger and meaner version. But it doesn't mean they shouldn't have the same basic protections I'd claim for myself. I actually see it as a good example of such protections not being there for the nice and fluffy things we like, but for the stuff we really hate. I think there are better ways for states to take JWs to task (whether that's a near automated system for removing their capacity to make martyrs of children over the blood issue or courts refusing to accept their 'ecclesiastical rights' in serious criminal matters) than to target them as part of a package of authoritarian measures.

  • cantleave
    Russia is one of the most totalitarian countries in the world. I agree K99 this is another sign of unjustifiable intolerance from a despotic regime, but it couldn't happen to a more deserving cult.
  • OnTheWayOut

    Village Idiot, it is easy to see how Russia goes too far. I was just pointing out that we as ex=JW's should see that, regardless of how they overstep and trample freedoms in Russia (treatment of the LGBT community is a great example), they may be right about this one.

    I was giving room for disagreement opinions on the degree to which government should go. So fair enough: You think calling for killings is a clear line that should not be crossed. I think JW literature "loaded with hate of other beliefs and encourage[ing] violations of human rights via shunning" is a clear line.

    I can see where I might be biased on this. It is possible that I would defend Nazi hate speech (although I doubt it) ahead of cult speech. It just might be as Cantleave says above: it couldn't happen to a more deserving cult.

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