Has the Great Witness Trolley/Cart campaign produced ANY results?

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I was going to start a new thread about this but will just add to this one.

    I never knew anything about these trolley carts till I read posts here. However I did see one at a shopping complex last year.

    I just started my 3rd week of nursing school at the local college. On Wednesday for the last three weeks a different Elder and their wives setup a table and two carts. They just sit there; rarely do I see anyone talk to them, nor do they attempt to engage in conversation. They usually are there from 10am to 2pm. This is so easy to get the hours in. I would've so much rather of done this as a child than knocking doors. Much less intrusive and embarrassing.

    I've had interactions with all the local elders last year as I let them in my house to discuss some topics. So I know them by face. However each time they visited they refuse to answer my questions about the GB so I finally ended the waste of time. The funny thing is two of the Elders there were the ones I complained to about The Organization stance on higher education. They blast higher education but yet will go to the campus to preach to the students. I feel like pulling up GB on my tablet during royal commission, but not worth even acknowledging them now.

  • Diogenesister

    Out of interest this where I found one, then I posted what happened later


  • OneGenTwoGroups
    A way to place a bunch of literature. But the Bible Study count in the US continues to decline.
  • Diogenesister
  • LisaRose

    My husband see them regularly at the Bart station (San Francisco Bay area commuter train). He never sees anyone actually looking at the literature or talking to the people standing there.

    I am sure somewhere they have gotten results, but it's hard to imagine they are going to make many converts out of this. It's like the Christian Science reading rooms. I have never actually seen anyone going in there either.

    I guess it's hard to get people to join a doomsday cult these days, go figure.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Hi Fredo,

    Yesterday I started a thread " What went wrong in your congregation" Many of the replys clarified to me why the society wants to give the impression to publishers that they are busy doing " the most important work, being done on the earth today"

    Here is my observation:-

    The Society knew full we'll that the " Great trolley cart campaign" would produce the results they wanted 0.001% because it's not about recruiting.

    I think the genius of the trolley cart campaign is everyone who stands by the cart feels they :-

    A) have arrived.

    B) are about to clinch a place in the inner circle of zealousness .

    Without these die hard cart witnesses:-

    A) the congregations will collapse,

    B) with new members a new spirit will arise and the congregation will collapse....

    The Answer:- let's keep it as it is...

    Why ?

    A) The money is in the property the society owns, and that doubles every 10 years.

    B) Only the dead can leave property as an inheritance to the society.

    C) The privalige of home ownership generally belongs to the old.

    So from a business point of view, why would I want my members to recruit un-educated, poor, or broke trouble makers...i believe these are the people who are attracted to the d2d or ministry work, and I believe the society doesn't want them as members.

    The Rebel.

  • punkofnice

    I see the apathy trollies around town from time to time. It's either lugubrious, droopy eyed people sitting on a bench near the trolly; or - a happy clappy modestly dressed sister, (looks like she's on really strong meds), smiling like a looney holding up the literal-trash.

    The after math being a sad magazine cast on the dirty pavement with its pages only being turned by the cold breeze of evening.

    From my Millions book:- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013B51GSU?*Version*=1&*entries*=0

  • jhine

    There is regularly a trolly in the town centre where I live on market days . They do stand in a busy ( covered ) walkway that does get a lot of footfall . However I have never seen anyone talking to them .


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Punk I spoke to an elder on the trolley.

    Q) " Do you have a list of rules for disfellowshipping offences?

    A) " The only rule is non-repentance"

    Gee it's useless to talk to them.

    Anyway I have left the J.Ws, so does anyone want to employ an obedient employee? :-)

  • Jaidubdub

    While on holidays I saw them in a very busy market. Many locals & tourists there. One of my friends spoke with them & they only had 2 people approach them - one was studying with the jw's, the other was a jw tourist. And the market was about to close...

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