Ambulance chasers

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  • Diogenesister


    Not feeling too clever at the sent off to the hospital for more the bus, round the slap bang into my first one...ITS WITNESSIN'CART HIMSELF!! Right outside the hospital gates! Hoping to catch the sick ones on the way in (as they are on the way OUT 👎💀)


  • Zoos

    "How would you like to live in a world where there is no sickness and death?"

    I really thought I was helping people. While I never worked the hospital gates (the idea never occurred to me), my indoctrinated mind would have thought it a brilliant idea for encouraging the downhearted.

    I was so blind to the reality of our nuisance. I guess the sincerity of intention is why I'm able to forgive myself and move on.

  • tiki
    Almost up there with cemetery witnessing...
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Tiki: have you actually seen that happen!??
  • Diogenesister

    I was rescued!! So funny, on the way out I decided to ask him if he had heard about the RC, initially he decided to use a bit of theocratic warfare on me and said that it was ONE case and the 'guy was put in prison'. When I showed my cards and told him how much I knew it transpires that not only does he know about it he's actually watched the Governing Biddy Jacko on youtube etc Apparently he's got 9 kids so he 'makes it his business' to know about stuff like that!!He made the slit fthroat sign to show me what he think's of paedophiles too! Turns out he's only been baptized a year, studied for five years while he was out in the world smoking drugs (and making babies!!!)As my spiritual mum used to say "he just hasn't shaken off worldly habits yet". Damn straight. Blasted liar! Anyway, he reckons many people in the London KH's are talking about it and at the convention there was a guy marching with a banner outside protesting.

    Gave me the old flannel about imperfect men and that"we've changed but Jesus hasn't changed". He also said the two witness rule is old hat (eh?) But he didn't know what I was talking about initially when I first mentioned it, so I think I gave him the idea by mentioning other types of evidence used nowadays generally!Anyway, just when he was just about to launch into a witness, an atractive young lady came storming over to ask "whats going on here then"with a face like thunder, she had clocked me, obviously a patient ,promptly announced she was an athiest and was busting him for taking advantage of my condition!!!!!! I scrammed before I wet myself laughing!!

    Ps outside kings college, trendy hippy area of London...JW's you have been warned!

  • freddo

    D'you know? I actually think the cracks are beginning to show! Really.

    I can tell you this - a lot of elders who are "careful what they say" are moaning to each other about all the demands for cash. I heard this weekend of an elders meeting in which one of the few "lets give 'em all our lolly types" got told by the rest that if he was so keen then send his own money while they (the rest) said to hang on to the congregations dwindling reserves for a rainy day!

    Apparently it got quite heated. (In the UK this one)

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    Your post title reminded me of this:

  • SecretSlaveClass
    POs Son36 minutes agoYour post title reminded me of this:

    Do they first make you swear to serve the GB before administering first aid? And when they drop you off at the hospital do they ask for a donation?

  • Diogenesister
    Edit : They have obviously been told to move off hospital property as they are now to be found stationed out of eyesight on a nearby footpath
  • Vidiot

    Freddo - "I actually think the cracks are beginning to show!"

    Jeezus, at this point, how could they not?

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