Has the Great Witness Trolley/Cart campaign produced ANY results?

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  • punkofnice
    The Rebel
    Punk I spoke to an elder on the trolley.
    Q) " Do you have a list of rules for disfellowshipping offences?
    A) " The only rule is non-repentance"

    Well, 'non-repentance' is just spin to mean, "we can do what we want."

    I feel your frustration Rebel. Brick walls are better at conversation that a zombified JW talking corporation nonsense.

  • DwainBowman

    When it comes to the carts, the standing around speach less, maybe the normal, way to do, in Brooklyn, but there are Large parts of the USA, that people aren't put off by strangers making eye contact, and or even talking to them, as long as they don't try to hold them, if their in a hurry, even then a friendly hello would go a long way, to get people that pass by, to even stop and talk sometime!

    But according to gb think, Brooklyn is the norm for everywhere!

    But I will never them! Hahaha


  • galaxie
    The result I had on approaching two 'brothers' at the trolley/cart was a handshake from one who knew my family but the other proceded to offer me what he called an ' Ebola ' handshake as he grasped my forearm with his hand!! I told him " I do wash my hands you know ". Further to this we had a pleasant chat until... Bang I hit them with some bullet points 're TTATT their mood immediately changed from smiles to defense with no room for discussion if you are critical of their new York hierarchy.

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