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    flower says

    . I also hope that with the old GB members dying off, there will be changes. My witness friend with whom I can share things like this with says it's like the org is wandering in the wilderness, like the ancient Israelites, until the older ones died off. With the deaths of some of the old GB members, maybe our trek in the wilderness is almost over.


    my old roomate who works the service desk says that lots of the bro feel that with the dying of the old guard life will be better for the rank and file jw like flower

    so i asked him- in what publication has it been pointed out that the current leadership is not operating at 100% of jah approval

    in fact as i pointed out to him all the publications point out how wonderful of a job the Slave is doing in leading god's people thru these last days- no mention of being lost and unsure of thier direction esp since they are spirit directed

    yet we see jw after jw like flower waiting for the old guard to die off

    as i told my roomate since when does god need for some old fart to die off before he can make any changes
    instead what we see is what is seen in many companies

    the kids are waiting for the old man to die off so that they can get rid of the typewriters and get computers for the company

    her comments are so revealing it shows the struggle that jw have they look for any bible text to explain the clear lack of direction that they know exist in the org

    yet she would sit on a bible study this weekend and tell some unsuspecting student thaT jah is leading this ship and the leadership is doing a great and wonderful job- while in her heart and soul she knows that if they study that Damn Rev Book one more time in the bookstudy she is going to cuss someone out


    well flower you have indeed come to the right place

    just think 25yrs ago you would not be caught dead dialogging with folls who are DF DA and called apostates

    yet you and others feel right at home with such ones

    man times have changed

    jsut my



  • JT

    bajarama says:

    Hi Rip,
    I know it isn't much but I will give you my $.02 worth. I believe if you want to know what the future holds, the past can give you some clues.

    I believe if you are seraching for answers they are there. You might have to look beyond the sugar coated answers we've all ate for to long.


    now this is an excellent post LOOK AT YOUR HISTORY AS AN ORG AND IT WILL indeed tell you the future of it

    hey all i got to say is

    "U GO BOY!!!!!!!!!!"


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    rip says
    ". I have learned that I put too much trust and was so obedient


    this post is very revealing it shows the problem that jw are facing daily while on one hand he clearly see he CANNOT trust these guys completely

    every pc of literature,talk, wt lesson, bookstudy,convention says exactly the opposite-

    that jesus put them in charge and leads them and therefore can have complete confidence and trust in them

    one can only feel sorry for a person who is constantly being told to TRUST GOD'S ORG COMPLETLEY and at the same time realizes he can't

    how sad

    just my


  • crossroads

    Do you mind If I call you that? I think we should be a little
    more quiet. I believe Rip is still sleeping. I think he rolled
    over but hasn't really awakened. Maybe when the TOWER
    crashes into the river it will finally awaken him from his deep,
    deep sleep.
    Praise the LORD its another wonderful day to be alive and
    Peace and Love to All

  • Flowerpetal

    Hi James! At the present time, I don't have a Bible study but I do have a very good return visit. Since it took her 3 years to finally pick up a Bible and start reading it (not NWT either) I sure ain't going to push her to start associating. I have invited her to the KH, but she is afraid to come because she thinks somebody is going to ask her to testify. I told her we don't do that sort of thing, and when we discuss the WT, people who want to say something raise their hands. She reads the magazines regularly. I have given her the Greatest Man book and just last week gave her the Revelation book (funny you should mention that because she is reading the book of Revelation right now. And I can't wait till she gets to the chapters where the society applies things to themself. What will I say then? I have no idea.

    You also said:
    [QUOTE]well flower you have indeed come to the right place

    just think 25yrs ago you would not be caught dead dialogging with folls who are DF DA and called apostates

    yet you and others feel right at home with such ones

    man times have changed[QUOTE]

    Yes they have changed James. I have been posting on another board for 4 years. At first I would not respond to those who came there who were Df'd. Da'd and especially those I considered apostate. But after listening to them, I realized that being apostate and or DA'd is leaving a church or organization, not God. My mom is an apostate from the Catholic church but she still hasn't left God. Maybe she perceives him in a different way (not as 3 persons in one godhead) but she hasn't left him.

  • DevilsAdvocate_DA


    This devilish one says:

    "Amendddddddd Sister"


  • RipVanWinkle


    After seeing the movie, "Honey, I shrunk the kids", I heard a brother say something that got me thinking. He said, "honey, I shrunk the elders".

    I think we have unwittingly contributed to the Brooklyn problem in that we (following suggestions from the WT) give double honor to those working hard. Actually I think we had put them up on pedestals> So the CO comes and we give him the best of food, extra cash, shopping trips etc. With many people doing this they begin to think that they're special. Like the pampered servant of Proverbs 29:21 who "in his later life will even become a thankless one".

    This has happened over the past 5 decades until we have the "thankless ones" everywhere. Not only CO's, but DO's, elders, you name it, you name it. Prior to the late 1950's we had "Servant to the Brethern (CO's) who came through with old junk cars and ate just about anything and were grateful for a place to stay even though many of us didn't even have inside plumbing and bathing facilities. They were truly "through the dust". We had Bro. A.A. Worsley who visited our congo before going into the missionary assignment and he stayed with our "Company Servant" and had to clean up in a wash basin in the living room. These were the best accomodations available at the time. People like him were always appreciative for any kindness offered.

    Later we got those who couldn't eat this or that or they wanted special foods prepared until nobody wanted to keep them or feed them especially when they came with fur coats and other finery.

    So instead of inflating the importance of such ones, I believe shrinking them down to size - my size - helped me. I refuse to contribute to the mentality that they are "special". They are no better nor worse than I. They have their share of skeletons in the closet with locks on it just as I do. However, I have just recently learned to put locks on the closets. Prior to I was an open book and felt that if I had a problem the elders would help me....Forget that!!! They are not there to help, they are there to collect data that will be used to keep me under the thumb and give food for gossip for all the sisters within a hundred mile radius.

    So I've shrunk their importance in my eyes. However it's like the Germans say: "Old too soon - schmart too late!".

    No, I'm not sleeping as suggested, I'm very wide awake and I will not let people rob me of the peace that I feel that comes from Jehovah through his Son. My dedication was to Jehovah and I try to live my life according to "what is written" in the Bible.


  • jst2laws

    Your OK! A great and honored antique. But not too old to learn new tricks. Who and what your are right now is what makes you worth more.
    “What has happened over the past 25 or so years? Does anybody feel that a positive change can come? What do you think?’”

    Does it matter? Like you I’m waiting to see if a miracle will turn this around. But whether it does or not you, I and everyone here stand before God alone. This organization, Ark, Channel of God mentality is behind me. I’m just concerned about a lot of good people like you who do not feel “valued”.

  • hippikon
    Later we got those who couldn't eat this or that or they wanted special foods prepared until nobody wanted to keep them or feed them especially when they came with fur coats and other finery.

    Well said. We could never have the CO stay at our place because we were too poor and ordinary. They always stayed with the big time elders. You know the elders I mean – They run a business and have half a dozen exploited pioneers on the payroll.

    if I had a problem the elders would help me....Forget that!!!

    I learned very early. As soon as to take a problem to an elder it gets 10 x bigger. Much better to deal with it yourself.

    "But it does move"

  • bjc2012


    You said:

    "Read your message and I can feel your anguish. I guess I keep thinking about what happened during the days of Israel. When there was a good king in power the people prospered. But when those came to power who did not rely upon Jehovah the whole nation suffered. Yet Jehovah had a purpose (His Son Jesus would come from this nation) so he put up with them until is purpose was fulfilled then he divorced himself from them."

    I thought this was a very insightful comment. MDS posted a message similar to yours but with another application. It is on the Bible Research Forum under the title "Observe the Divine Pattern to Understand the Bible." It was posted on April 5th. If you have the opportunity, please read it and I'd like to know your comments regarding it.


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