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    I think we have some feelings in common. However I am not waiting for a miracle. I am prepared to tuff it out convinced that Jehovah knows who I am, knows what I've lived through and have survived with my faith in Him and his Son very much in tact. After all it's not between me and other people - never should have been. So I'm back to square one. Reading the Bible and seeing a lot of things through different eyes. Yet doing what I can to help others in need. Funny that it makes a person more sensitive to other hurting people.

    You said: I'm just concerned about a lot of good people like you who do not feel "valued".

    At some point in time I came to the conclusion that whether people or an org. value me means nothing. Oh sure, it feels good to be among people who you think are your friends, but when you find that they will en masse turn on you and turn you down makes me say "who needs it"? I have a couple in my family who have been thrown to the "scavengers" to be devoured and told "don't bother coming around, you're out for the count". Then the whole family are "scum" because people don't know how to treat you. Nobody calls for fear than the person may pick up the phone. They cross the street to get out of your way because their afraid that they might "catch something".

    At some point in time, I learned that life is less stressful when I cut out the "middle man". I learn to enjoy the moment since I don't have the next one promised to me and if my life has had some merit to it, I know that the One who counts will right the wrongs -in my lifetime or whenever He chooses to do it.

    Keep the priorities in order.


    "Your brother needs your help, but you meanwhile mumble your little prayers to God, pretending not to see your brother's need." Desiderius Erasmus

  • JT

    crossroads says:

    I believe Rip is still sleeping. I think he rolled
    over but hasn't really awakened


    very nice way to put it- he is not fully awake yet - but like so many of us who have been down the road that he is traveling right now

    we all know what will happen in time- as they say for the most part


    just my 2


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