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  • RipVanWinkle


    Sorry about your painful and probably costly experience. I think it partly stems from the fact that when we learn about such good things in the literature we believe that life in the WT is just like they write about. And the more trust we can get the wind knocked out of us. I've had one too and my trust took a real hit. But I refuse to roll over and play dead for the full count.

    However, I feel that my tough experience has benefitted me. It reinforces what Ps. 146:3 says, "Do not put your trust in nobles nor in the son of earthling man to whom no salvation belongs". I have learned that I put too much trust and was so obedient that I didn't actually make my conscience as sensitive to Jehovah's leadings. So I've dusted off my behind and read everything with different eyes. I see things with different eyes and hear with different ears.

    Final analysis, I am still a believer, but I can prepare Bible students tactfully to not "look too closely" at what other (including the High Tower) folks do. Their relationship must be between them and Jehovah alone. He will make the final judgment.

    "Trembling at men is what lays a snare, but he that is trusting in Jehovah will be protected." Prov. 29:25 These men may be in/out of the org. It just says MEN.

    So I've been freed from fear of men and feel a weight lifted off my shoulder. I am not as dogmatic as I once was and try to "cut some slack" for others. I attend meetings and do what I can in service while I try to balance what I feel will help me have a relationship with Jehovah and He has given me peace.

    Share my greetings with your husband.


  • DevilsAdvocate_DA

    Hi brother,

    RipVanWinkle, this devilish old timer, like you, just spent about 1/2 hour welcoming you. Telling a little about myself etc., etc. Only to lose it.

    Let me say, Rip,(if I have your approval to shorten you handle)there are many GOOD person here on this forum, male and female. Might I add, they do not lack intelligence.

    Be up front and don't try playing around with their minds, and you will gain for youself many brother and sister.

    You are warmly welcomed.


  • DevilsAdvocate_DA


    This devilish one would like to say, "I like what you said to Waiting"
    She is a good sister.


  • battman

    IMHO i think the GB looks like "Wiley Coyote".

    The Acme Company has gone out of business
    and there just ain't no mo tricks to sell to Wiley.

    WC has run off the cliff but is still "peddling so hard",
    next comes the big drop and eventually the ground
    rises up to interupt. OUCH

    This is the final 'toon. No mo reruns.
    Sit back and watch the show 'cept it will
    not be very funny. Be prepared to do a lot of
    counseling LOL.

    of the 'toon class

  • Flowerpetal

    To RVW,
    Welcome, welcome! I am an active JW almost 42 years baptized. I guess you could say I am a 3rd generation (I hate that term) witness.
    My hubby is about 38 or 39 yrs baptized.

    Your post to waiting, I think, is what I have started to realize for a while. I also hope that with the old GB members dying off, there will be changes. My witness friend with whom I can share things like this with says it's like the org is wandering in the wilderness, like the ancient Israelites, until the older ones died off. With the deaths of some of the old GB members, maybe our trek in the wilderness is almost over.

  • RipVanWinkle


    Thanks for the welcome! guess there are a lot of old timers who are getting out their typing fingers to get some new perspective on what's going on in the real world. We have found out that we're not alone with our feelings.

    We've just got to "hang in together or we will hang separately". Somebody important once said that, I don't remember who but that is the facts. This seems like a good support group........Thanks again.

    Hey FlowerPetal!

    I don't mean to sound depressing, but I can't wait for change. I held my breath waiting and almost turned black and blue so I have tried hard to change my attitude. I no longer concern myself with what I have no control over. If positive change should come, I would welcome it, however I am the captain of my fate and must maintain my peace with my God. If I can help someone along the way I will, If someone helps me I will appreciate it but I cannot expect anything since it leads to disappointment..........Thanks for your kindly thoughts.


  • bajarama

    Hi Rip,

    I know it isn't much but I will give you my $.02 worth. I believe if you want to know what the future holds, the past can give you some clues.

    I believe if you are seraching for answers they are there. You might have to look beyond the sugar coated answers we've all ate for to long.

    I hope you find what your looking for.


  • crossroads

    You keep talking about having a one on one relationship
    with Jehovah[I'm assuming thats the father in your thinking]
    But you can't get there from here. Why don't the witness's
    witness about Jesus[the son] like the apostles did. We can
    only have a relationship with the SON at present how do you
    think you can have one with only the FATHER.Remember
    every knee will bend in the heavens on the earth and[i love
    this part] under the earth an account of HIS[JESUS] name.
    There is only one way to the FATHER why is HE put in charge
    of the second school. This is not where the apostles but HIM
    One other thing I'm a little confused on; if we are suppose
    to be happy that the faithful and discreet slave are dieing off.
    Seems like we are and then we are not well really dosen't
    matter its JUST a parable not a prophecy . Also THAT
    evil slave is the very same slave as the faithful.
    Faithful slave-Russell
    Evil slave-Rutherford and succesors
    Then the evil slave is cut assunder, couldn't be what just
    happened to the the G.B. [resigning and all] could it?
    Now i'm not claiming to be some kind of bible scholar
    or anything but I can sure do as good as the people who
    print that rag in Brooklyn.
    Rip I have know hard feelings about any of the Faithful who
    have done me or my family wrong they were jusy obeying
    the gospel according to the wbts. I do have a problem with
    the society all of it; nothing is truthful nothing is really biblical.
    For anyone to think this organization can be tweeked or all
    we have to do is change this or that and it will all be good.
    Still dosen't realize that this evil organization has been in the
    dark ever since the time of Russells death. It dosen't need to
    be tweeked it needs to be blown up. So let it be written so let
    it be done.

  • JT

    rip says

    I have learned a lot of good things from this org. for which I am grateful, it's just that the walk doesn't match the talk


    i think most of us would agree with you on this point- i respect you for the yrs you have been around this org and i'm sure you can tell stories

    the sticking point that many of us are dealing with revolves around the claims of the society over the yrs

    personally i have stated that if the wt had stayed with bible commentary they would have been fine- they made their mistake in my view when they jumped from merely being students of the word sharing some good points they had researched with others


    it is this position that they have put themselves in that now opens them up to be examined and they hate that- it is known that to question them is to question god

    so this new role that they have taken on of Sitting in the Seat of Moses is what has gotten them into trouble in my view among so many jw

    who are seeing that despite all thier efforts and goood intentions it has nothing to do with God has called you to speak for him esp when you are always getting the message wrong

    when you consider that these dozen men called the GB claim that they are responisble for the lives of 6 billion folks on th earth by getting the message of god to them- that is a very large set of shoes to fill

    for many of us after looking closer we see that the KING HAS NO CLOTHES ON

    just my 2


  • JT

    rip says

    ". I have learned that I put too much trust and was so obedient


    this post is very revealing it shows the problem that jw are facing daily while on one hand he clearly see he can trust these guys completely

    every pc of literature,talk, wt lesson, bookstudy,convention says exactly the opposite-

    that jesus put them in charge and leads them and therefore can have complete confidence and trust in them

    one can only feel sorry for a person who is constantly being told to TRUST GOD'S ORG COMPLETLEY and at the same time realizes he can't

    how sad

    just my


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