Anti-Apostacy Apostacy In Minnesota?

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  • Valis

    Just a reminder to the Minnesota flock. Just because I am not there to oversee the festivities does not mean I don't remember what happened the last time I visited Greater North. I would hate to think that there are divisions among the flock that would not allow for partaking of spiritual food. In order to assure that spiritual food has been consumed, I will be asking the DO of The Greater North Not Interested to make a full report. I want the names of alchohol consumed, quantities, booby pics, and eyegirl passed out on the lawn...any lawn will do really, just ask her..*LOL* , oh I will also need to see COMPLETED time cards for all of you at the end of said festivities. I would hate to have to conviene a Judicial Committee that involved multiple states and me visiting each one of said states. Have a great time and may Jehovahs blessing descend upon you like the frosty head of beer falling down the side of your glass. Love and salivations..I mean salutations from the Texas Branch.


    District Overbeer of the "Wishing I Was There" class

  • scootergirl

    Although I am a lowly sister......I will do my best to celebrate the festivities. Batteries charged in the camera......and will post many many pics tomorrow!

    Wish you were here too, travis!

    Christy of the "gonna keep eyegirl OFF the lawn and passed out someplace safe" class!

  • Joyzabel

    LOL @ Valis... you are too funny! I love it.

    But I do want to send my well wishes for all who are partaking today in the COLD North. Be sure to comsume enough alcohol to keep from freezing.



  • scootergirl
    Be sure to comsume enough alcohol to keep from freezing

    Well......if you insist, joy!

  • Gopher

    Spiritual food will be consumed. And when the WINE comes, we will NOT pass it on to the next person. No, it too will be fully consumed.

    There will be revelry and partying. There will be pool and dart shooting. There will be Packer game watching . Well 4 out of 5 ain't bad. Just kidding.

    I hope Not Interested will be able to report that the apostacy is healthy and growing in the Upper Midwest.

    Goofer, um, Gopher

  • Solace

    XW, Eye, Scoot, Hannible, Not interested, Joanna, Goph & all,

    Hope you have a good one! S orry I couldnt make it, I would have loved to meet those I havent including Joanna, Gopher, & Scoot and hook up with those I have met, ya'll know who ya are.

    Have a great time guys!

    Love ya!

  • not interested
    not interested

    Brother Valis,

    dont worry ill be making sure everyone consumes large amounts of boose and will have a full report soon

  • hannibal


    You'll be missed!

  • Solace

    This is Heaven reporting the current activities from the Minnesota apostafest as I have just received live phone coverage only minutes ago.. They do not have access to a computer at this time. Im not sure where this controversial meeting is taking place, the woods maybe? Geesh guys, no computer? Really?

    Moving along,

    As the phone was passed around the room, I was asked to play the infamous Guess that apostate game. I spoke with Gopher Joannadandy

    I heard uncontrolled bouts of laughter as XW said it was "allllllll good" but something was also very "baaaaad".

    Also, it appears a secret apostafest language has come about as XW then mentioned the word, "Bobulous" and that we are all encouraged to use our imaginations.

    Scooter girl then yells to XW, "Did I get you wet?" for which I encourage us not to use our imaginations.

    Joannadandy said her "pillowy goodness" pictures are on their way.

    Eyegirl said, and I quote,"My bed is like a slip and slide and everyone is on it!"

    The men made no comments to report. Hmmmmmm...


    Have fun peeps & thanks hannibal,

    I miss you all too!

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  • hillbilly

    I had my tele-conference a few moments ago. The kids like to check in with "old dad" and I really think it's cool to be remembered by such a fun, young group.

    I got passed around to--- EYE, SCOOTERGIRL, XW, JOANNADANDY, NOT INTERESTED and HANNABLE I think they were having a good time in a BAR of all places. (must be a magazine route)

    -- HB ( I sleep in my la-z-boy on saturday nite class)

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