Anti-Apostacy Apostacy In Minnesota?

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  • bikerchic

    WOWZERS!!!! It LOOKED like a wild night in chat sounds! I'm sooooo jealous and really want to meet all of you sometime soon. Craig and I are always saying how much a part of our lives you all feel like to us.

    Thanks so much for the pictures, I could hear the laughter and feel the love! You guys rock!



  • kelpie

    Ok now that we have all been enthusied by the Minnesota thread...

    Don't loose it for the Aussie Apostofest happening in Sydney on the 15th March...

    I will post a reminder thread

  • songmistress

    Anybody want to travel to Oregon and teach us how to put on an Apostate-fest.

    I WANT TO PARTY!!!!!

  • not interested
    not interested

    i guess late is better than never, so here is my report,

    first of all i need to acknowledge the ones that didnt make it and let them know that this is unacceptable behavior, Staceman coulda used your skills on the pool table man, and the presents of yout lovley wife, PLH i know that you have an acceptable excuse, so you can slide on this one

    After meeting up with Hannible, my, on again off again, on again, off again, on again , off again, kinda sorta girlfriend, to be here by known as DDG, the 3 of us headed north to the party,

    upon arriving at the designated establishment, there was plenty of hugs and hand shakes, it was a pleasure to see old friends and new faces, Tally, DiscoSandy, Yourschelbie,cold red rain, and noapoligies, id like to welcome youall to our group, IT was also a pleasure to have XW come to town to share in the festivities with us, (as we were able to watch the packers lose)

    im happy to report that upon arriving, every one had a drink in front of them, this brought tears to my eyes, then i noticed cold red rain no partaking of hte spiritual food, and noted to myself that i would have to council him privatly on that, I think its safe to say that he will be enjoying the occasional Scooby Snack from time to time,

    as the drinks kept flowing, and the party started getting into a groove, DDG tried to throw a kink into the plans telling Hannible and I that we had to go, as she didnt like what she was seeing ( cuz all the apostate sistaz want me ya know) Well we werent having any of that so DDG decides to leave us stranded. (and she stole my stuff) well graciously Joannadandy offered us a ride since she lives not to far from me, problem solved.....until JO becomes intoxicated, and now the three of us were stuck, but you just canat worry about the little stuff, so on to the next bar,

    the music is pumping the dance floor is jumping and the shots are being shot, it was nice to see the sistaz trying to keep up with Hann, and I. and i might add that they kept pace all night, these Minnesota woman can party( and the wisconsin ones too) somwhere in the mix JO disapeers to be seen later laying in a bathtub.

    at this time its getting close to bar close so XW decides we need to sneek booze out of the bar for the afterbar party, some may not like my choice of footware but the cowboy boots make a nice place to hide a bottle of beer or too,

    at the hotel the fun realy began FOX need to talk to me about running a show called "single Island vs Married island" between coctails and treats there was many laughs, and gigles as we talked aabout the rules for the islands, single island is easy there are no rules.

    i was able to sleep with a smile on my face as the room went from loud laughter to total silence in about 2 seconds i realized that i did a good job and everyone was passed out,, OR did i put them to sleep singing lullibies?

    so to all my fellow apostates here im the great north i say thankyou for proly one of the funnest nights ever(seem as though evertime we get togather i say that)

    take care,

    NI, MN curcit overbeer

  • eyegirl

    so my question for hannibal...........................

    have you started the countdown yet for the "five year plan"? heehee


  • not interested
    not interested


    4 years 362 days

  • MrMoe

    is it me or is Scootergirl a total cutie?

    Looks like ya'll had a blast.

  • scootergirl

    Mr. are too kind! Thanks girly!

    Wow......notinterested......what a "nice" version of what happened that night. Cleaned the story up real good! LOL

    It was the most fun I have had in a long time..........all I can say is I am happy that you and Hannibal didn't end up sleeping together! LOL

  • animal

    I cant wait till July.............


  • not interested
    not interested


    IT wouldnt have been the first time that Hann and i slept togather, but thats a different story!

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