Anti-Apostacy Apostacy In Minnesota?

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  • ColdRedRain

    Hey, now some of you actually have a face to my name!

    Does anybody have the picture of me holding up the sign that says "Molest this!" and "You wish, Jarcaz!" in front of my face?

    Hannibal, hey, you're a cool guy and I hope to see you more often on the site and offline.

    BTW, to the guy that got me the scooby snack, thanks! You were right, drinking while on anti-depressants don't kill you, it only makes the buzz stronger!

    I hope to see you guys more often. Thanks for helping me see that I'm not alone.

  • eyegirl

    this is one of the flock, reporting that i've made it home. GOOD LORD! i've never had such a good time and been so darn tired!! the photos that the most dandy one and myself have taken, are getting developed as we speak. a good time was had by all, and the pillowy goodness enjoyed by many. a better report and pictures are to follow. for now, i must rest.


  • xenawarrior

    Okay, I'm tired and still shaky from the drive home with the last 86 miles sheer ice but here are a couple of pics from the weekend. There will be more to come as those who had cameras rest up and post them.

    Some of the gang: bottom from left: Scootergirl, Joannadandy, Eyegirl
    top row: DiscoSandy not interested and hannibal

    "The Buds" Hannibal on the left and not interested on the right

    Scootergirl, not interested and xenawarrior

    More pics from me and others to come!!! A fabulous time was had by all!!!

    Gopher- I need to know if it's okay to post pics of your friend- the gentleman who was sitting next to you and what his board name is.

    Nite Nite from the north

    XW of the "very tired but very glad to be alive" class

  • Solace


    So glad you made it home! Cripes, Im such a nervous driver, being in that weather would have scared the dickens out of me! Thank God you are such an excellent driver !

    Love the pics!

    Not interested, did you get a haircut? You look great!

    Eyegirl is beautiful as ever!

    Scootergirl is such a cutie!

    Joannadandy, you are a doll!

    Discosandy, Adorable!

    Hannibal, you handsome devil you!

    I wish I could have been there, I would have loved to meet everyone! Hearing about the awful weather comming back this way, its probably best that I wasnt with XW. Im sure she would have slapped me because I would have been a total basket case.


    Glad you are home safe and sound hun.

    BTW, you look maaaaavelous daaaaling!!!!!!

  • Scarlet

    Everyone looks so great. I want to see more pics.

  • not interested
    not interested

    hey yall,

    glad to know every one made it home safe, i finaly made it myself, and am glad to report that i have my keys and phone back, " DONT STEAL MY STUFF"

    ILL be making a full report tomorrow, i have to read through my notes and try to rember exactly what happened,

    but for now im going to go sleep hard

    pajamas suck, and sleeping in jeans willl get ya all bound up, so becareful and keep your hands above the blankets

  • eyegirl

    just be sure when you're sleeping hard, you're dreaming of saggy, pillowy goodness. heehee.

  • joannadandy

    Eye if there is saggy pillowy goodness to be had of course he will be sleeping, erm...hard? Seriously tho, thanks for taking care of my drunk ass and not leaving me in a ditch. On the plus side, I think my shennanigans now surpass yours and I will be the one razzed for my drunken behavior. We might finally get to let the lawn stories rest.

    Xenawarrior I am so glad you came! You're such a doll, and so much fun to party with. I do believe I found another long lost sister on this board.

    Honestly folks, this was the best slumber party I have ever been to. I appologize if I hurled on anyones shoes. (I think the cleaning crew at the Country Inn is going to be pissed at me) It was rather like a girls gone wild video, only with saggy boobies. HAHA!

    Scooter, if I was a lesbian, I would be all over you! How's the A1 trophy? Thank you so much for letting me crash with you guys. Can I count you as my big sister too?

    Hanni you were far too silent, but that could because the rest of us all talk too damn much. You don't know what you were missing out on over on married island. (Single Island is all about the drape)

    NotIntersted-I am so glad to hear you got your stuff back...all the animals are alive and unharmed? Nothing was vandalized? How are the nipples? HAHAHA!

    DiscoSandy- you're a sweetie! I am so glad you came and danced with us!

    Talley it was so nice to meet you. I had a lovely time chatting with you.

    Gopher-well I dunno what to say to you...apparantly I smell bad because gopher hates me and never talks to me at these things.

    NoAp- I am glad scooter and eye were able to teach you hugging 101.

    Now for my shit list!! Lauralisa!!! You stood us up? Don't you love us anymore? And where is your tard fighting hubby? He was missed as well!

    Harmony is excused...she had a viable reason to shun us...

    Swiffy!!! You are now on my shyt list as well!! You missed a good time. No pillowy goodness for you!!

  • scootergirl

    Here is some more pics........these are from my digital.....I will scan Eyegirl's tomorrow evening.

    I have to say, this was THE most fun that I have had in a long time. How much fun to get together.......when will we do it again?!

    Coldredrain with a message to Mr. Jarcaz

    Notinterested, Xenawarrior and Joannadandy.....(you guys seeing the VIKINGS jersey on Ms. Xena?! )

    Scootergirl.....yes, I am a reserved kinda gal you know! So shy......quiet......and reserved! LOL

    Scootergirl and Discosandy......reunited after 20 years!

    Scootergirl and new mother! Judy.....I love you!

    Xenawarrior, Joannadandy and Eyegirl.....let the festivities begin!

    cg5, NoApologies and Talley........

    Notinterested and Coldrain chewing the fat.......Gopher and YoursChelbie enjoying the evening......

    Hannibal, Notinterested and Coldredrain......our " MN hotties"

    Joannadandy......... hmmmmmmm..........not saying wha she was doing!

    Scootergirl and NoApologies and Talley

    Joannadandy and Eyegirl.......hmmmmm......was that caraffe number One or Two, Jo? LOL

    The Ms. Xenawarrior.......what a wonderful person!

    Notintested and Scootergirl......getting close and comfie......

    Again.......what in the hell was Joanna doing? LOL

    Xenawarrior showing her new dentures!

    The pulltab woman getting a giggle from Xenawarrior sporting her new teeth......

    Hannibal and Scootergil.........

    Joannadandy and Notintested.......yes, girls, he IS a hottie!

    Xenawarrior, Eyegirl and Scootergirl........

    Eyegirl and Notinterested.......end of the evening!

    Brother Hannibal reading the Gideon Bible Sunday morning......

  • scootergirl

    Now.......since I posted pics (well, all the ones that could make a public forum ).... I need to say.....

    I love each and everyone of you!

    Xenawarrior......thank you for making that long drive! You are someone so special to me......I can not wait until July when we get to do this all over again! The July Green Bay Apostafest is gonna be a blast. other lil' sister! Never had a Lesbian Plan B! LOL......I had soooooo much fun with you. Your sense of humor is the greatest. BTW, there was no extra "cleanup" charge on the hotel bill the next day! Eye still has my A1 trophy in her car......but it will be proudly displayed on my computer desk. I see this as a traveling trophy at our get togethers.

    DiscoSandy.......20 years is way too long! You are still the spunky, fun loving girlfriend I had as a wee teenager! I am so glad that you made it.....

    Talley......My NEW mother! I just love you! Felt like I had known you for years!

    Eyegirl.....what can I say! The I loves you flow when we are sober.......I can only imagine what we sounded like intoxicated!

    YoursChelbie......OMG......what a beautiful woman! You shine thru and thru! I am so glad the you blessed Minnesota with your presence!

    Gopher........ big thanks to organizing this! glad that we got to meet! You hang in there, buddy.....find your way......our "apostacy" road is well paved!

    Hannibal......what a gentleman! Now that we have the "draping of the arms" rules down, we will have to do it again soon!

    Notinterested....ahhhhhhhh.........if I was only young and single! You are very special. Next time, DDB stays at home! And you know, you are gonna have to make up for that "sagging" comment! LOL (j/k).....

    NoApologies.....YEAH! We finally meet. Now, have you been practicing that hugging down? No more wall hugs, k?! Another test will be in a few months!

    Cg5......It was great to see you again! I am so happy for you and your brother! I wish you all the happinest!

    I can not believe how much fun I had! I have come home so refreshed and relaxed......actually really tired, but it is a good tired! For an impromtu slumber party, we sure did a bang up job, eh? Single Island vs. Married Island....LOL

    I couldn't decide what hurt more butt and legs from dancing, my eyes from lack of sleep or my stomach from laughing! Thank you all for such a wonderful time!

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