Anti-Apostacy Apostacy In Minnesota?

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    You all look so *lovely* and we MIST you! <weeps in joy> Wow.. you guys look like you sure had a good time! Hmm... July apostofest.. <swings from chandelier and contemplates throwing party favors at chatterboxes> Im so glad ya'll had such a good time! It was great to see the pics and put some names to some faces! Does that "pillowy goodness" include a core of chocolate? <grin> Hugs.. and the NEXT time.. could ya'll please stop wearing those silly masks with daisies and caviar on em? <smirk>

    Country Girl

  • riz

    great pics! i wish i was there. and xenawarrior, those dentures are a riot

  • Solace


    You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pics, everyone looks like they had such a good time! Im SO sorry I missed everyone!


    OMG Dying! Them damn teeth still freak me out! They look SO real, especially after a few drinks!

  • xenawarrior

    Okay, more pics:

    Jimmer, YoursChelbie and Gopher- Nice new beard Gopher!!!!

    not interested's new tattoo- a Merry Christmas present!!!!

    Most of the gang

    Hannibal- showing his pool shooting prowess

    Joanna tells a story

    Time for a new venue- Hannibal looks like he's wondering if he'll have to jump in here and what is Disco Sandy drinking?

    Time to dance!!!!! Check out the leather pants on Scootergirl!!! hubba hubba!!!

    Joanna- gettin in the groove!!!! Hannibal- looking on

    More dancing- or is not interested looking for spare change on the floor?

    These two are a riot!!!!!

    not interested- looking quite comfy in between these lovely ladies

    The Bump and the Grind!!! YEEHAAA!!

    Good friends!!!! Love ya girlie!!!!

    Scootergirl and eyegirl gather dancing tips from not interested

    Joanna and not interested share a umm-- hug!!

    A nice Hannibal hug for XW

    A great pic of the girls!!! Scooter, Joanna and eyegirl- They are the BEST!!!

    Scootergirl and not interested share a hug

    I had sooo much fun. ((((((((((Gopher)))))))))) thank you for putting this together!!!


  • scootergirl

    Good Lord, Xena.........when you asked about the "bump and grind" pic......I didn't realize I was doing so much grinding! LOL

  • hannibal

    You all were the best , I had a great time!

    - Where are all the pics of DDG?

    Hanni of the "likes the draping rule under the covers better class"

  • xenawarrior

    OMG- Hannibal- LMAO !!! Somehow- for some strange reason I didn't take any pics of DDG. Maybe I feared for my safety or something

    Scooter- nice pic though eh?


  • Solace


    Party down guys!

    Wooo Hooo!!!!!!

  • Gopher

    Thanks everyone! It was a great time... and especially so with the first timers there, like Talley, No Apologies, DiscoSandy, YoursChelbie and Cold Red Rain!

    And thanks to Scoots and XW for the fine photography. Joanna -- you don't have to be so shy, I won't bite.

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  • scootergirl

    Hanni of the "likes the draping rule under the covers better class"
    I will remember that for NEXT time!

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