Quit smoking crack...the USA is not a bully!

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  • dolphman

    Ok here we go again with Robyn...

    You are such a patriot, I am sure that you could lick at least 10 Iraqi's bare handed.

    Absolutely. So just imagine how many more I could kill with an actual GUN.

    And you have wowed the board with your intelligent response? I haven't seen you refute anything but you sure are good at throwing names around

    Apparently some people think so. And yes, those are some big names. I bet the President doesn't even know half of them!

    This is my favorite:

    (i said) sometimes a little dick-waving will actually scare off potential meglomaniacs

    Damn, Dude! You are scaring me just thinking about it!
    Well hey, what can I say. It does impress.
  • Mary

    Excellent post Dolphman! Isn't it amazing to see how many immigrants, both legal and illegal, try getting into the evil United States of America each and every year, even risking their lives to make it over here. Can't recall the last time I saw any Americans perishing on a handmade raft, trying to make it to Cuba or Haiti...........and I somehow can't see too many Americans doing all they can to move to places like Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq................People who like to badmouth the USA are, in my opinion, jealous.......end of story.

  • Robdar

    All kidding aside:

    It is easy to call names and say that someone is a liberal pacifist just because they don't agree with the war on Iraq. I do not understand this mentality. Just because I am against this war with Iraq does not mean that I do not understand that personal freedoms are not free. Sometimes we have to fight to preserve our precious liberties. Sometimes we have to die to defend them. I have not seen enough evidence in this case to think that this war is warranted. But who knows about the future?

    I tell you one thing, the day that our enemy shows up on our shores, I will get out my .38 and do a little target practice. Until that time, I hope that we carefully chose our battles.

    Currently though, I am saddened that our fine American men may be getting ready to shed their blood for something that may not be all that it seems.


  • dolphman
    tell you one thing, the day that our enemy shows up on our shores, I will get out my .38 and do a little target practice. Until that time, I hope that we carefully chose our battles.

    Ideally Robyn I think this would be everyone's preffered scenario. I think this was the case up until this point in history. Now, any enemy can strike anywhere at any time using a variety of means. I think we have to look at conflict differently after Sept 11, and some people just don't want to accept that reality. That' s my big beef.

    I don't think any soldier is thinking about any of this bullshit we've been going back and forth over in our discussion when they are sitting in a foxhole getting shot at. I admit it.

    Either we take out the trash now or wait for it to pile up and for it to turn lethally toxic. (Reminds me of life in my old dorm room)


  • larc

    Robyn, as you well know, we are not at war yet, and we may not go to war. What is the best way to handle this situation? Well, exactly like it is being handled. Announce way ahead of time that we are willing to kick the crap out of Iraq and kill the leadership. Next, get some support for our mission, which we do have from some countries. Now as you also know, Iraq is complying with the inspection demands. This is something they certainly did not do during our previous administration. Why didn't they? Because they knew they didn't have to. What happens next, only time will tell.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I'm telling you, people smoke too much crack these days. They can't figure this stuff out for themselves.

    Hey Rich, I have never smoke that shit and I never want to.

    I would like to say that sure I enjoy our standard of living we have that is being slowly eroded over the past few years. My point being whether we are a Muslim, Christian or Jew, to make others suffer for our selfish personal gains is immoral as a fellow human being. We can go on the way we are which will lead us into total destruction of what we know now and like I said earlier what does it matter then who was right or wrong.


  • dolphman

    Good post Mary...It's like this folks:

    Someone from Time magazine basically summed it up like this. These countries, these so-called "Axis of Evil" countries, and other countries, such as the hardcore fundamentalist Muslim countries, don't actually HATE America. They ENVY it. Why? Well think about it. What if all the women in Saudia Arabia suddenly all wanted to drive because they saw Oprah on TV doing it? What if the Iranian kids demanded their MTV right now? What if the starving N.Koreans all of the sudden said "Screw these rice-rations, i want a god-damn BIG MAC!" These kind of things are what the mullahs and the Kim Jong Ding Dongs of the world fear most: The American culture and psyche of freedom threatening their power and their control over their populations. It's plain and simple.

    They want the same influence as America, the same power, yet they think they can get it by supressing freedom in their own countries, rather than embracing it, like America has done, and prospering.

    Of course they're envious of America. Wouldn't you be? But what it comes down to is American culture threatens their political futures.

    Well tough shit.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Great typical prehistoric, mediaeval thinking about who has the biggest dick. I am sure some Muslim fanatics think the same way. In the end it really doesn't matter if we are all dead.


  • dolphman

    Your right Will, we are headed to hell. Especially if things go real bad. I live in Seattle, and I wonder if someday there'll be a little package that arrives for me at the Port of Seattle in the form of a small plutonium bomb. Or maybe N.Korea will nuke Japan and I won't be able to visit for the next 150 years. I worry about this stuff. It does worry me.

    But sometimes in human history, people have faced this huge fear before, and they found a way to get through it. I'm sure anyone from ww2 probably feels the same way we do now. Like them, I'm starting to think we don't have much of a choice in the matter. That's all. I never said any of those was a good thing. But I'm reconciling myself to it as much as possible.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    This is nothing new we have been fighting this battle (Christian verses Muslim) now for a thousand years. Has anyone won yet?? The sad part is innocent people on both sides have to keep dying for Ideological differences.


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