Elderly widows targeted, convinced to sign over Power of Attorney and Personal Representative of Estate

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  • Stop.the.abusers
    I discovered that my 96-year-old grandaunt had named her JW elder as personal representative of her estate and another JW "best friend" as her Power of Attorney. I learned that they used a financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors to help raid my grandaunts bank accounts in the years before her death, and then the WT and JWs received most of what was left of her estate. I am currently working on a book to expose this horrific practice. Can anyone direct me to people who have had similar experiences? I am especially determined to expose this practice because I personally witnessed these JWs starve and neglect my grandaunt to death to get payable on death accounts set up by the financial advisor, as well as an undisclosed $700,000 trust. She was incredibly healthy for a 96-year-old and would have lived to more than 100--guess they couldn't wait any longer. You can see my video about my horrific experience on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/125993950 (Abused at 96, Justice for Irene) or Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lpEBb8ale8. Because JWs are smart enough to gain complete legal control of a widow's estate, it's cost prohibitive for any family member to pursue them in court, and extremely difficult to gain access to records that will prove their guilt. Please ask around and send people my way. I haven't been able to get the police, state attorney, or any other authority to do anything about her death or the exploitation, so exposure seems to be the best way to bring them down. Thank you so much. Nanette
  • cantleave
    There was a guy on here from Salisbury in the UK who had a similar experience.
  • tiki
    Disgustlng......callous greedy unethical....nervy.....ugh
  • Diogenesister

    Nanette how I despise this practise, it's another example of the witnesses complete and utter disregard for, and inability, to put individual welfare before the organization. All must be in subjection to 'the work'. It is, in fact, the antithesis of Christianity. When you realize that these individuals, legal professionals notwithstanding, have nothing to gain personally by their savage actions, it gives you an idea of the sinister power of the concept they serve.

    Sometimes I believe part of the problem is those who know the systems' reticence to inform the elderly and infirm of the truth of 'the truth'. Many times on this forum you will hear folk say it is pointless and cruel to tell the elderly they have no hope and they have waisted their lives. They are also seen as the one group who are "out of bounds" for our biting cynisism and anger. I too am amoung that group. I know well an elderly diabetic lady who has started to deteriorate fast. I have never told her the truth about my past and my knowledge of the JW fraud as I did not want to worry a woman who has dedicated her life to the society. I regularly cook for her and recently have found her wandering and a little disheveled in the high street. Her family is either dead (one child and husband) or live abroad in germany and it is obvious noone at the hall is caring for her. She owns property in London and I have no doubt she has left it to wtbts. I believe they may be keeping her state under wraps as in England when an elderly person needs to be in a care home they sell their home to pay for the care. If they have no money to pay for their care THEN the state takes over. Of course all this is hard to prove conclusively. I have made the authorities aware of her condition and my concerns. I will let you know of the outcome and if I can establish anything definitively. I know this is only anacdotal evidence but its grist to the mill of your book I guess.

    Again, so so sorry about your Aunt.

    Love your sister D

  • Diogenesister

    I did not watch the video at first because I knew it would make me angry.

    I watched it. Now I can't stop crying, I can't even see to write this.

  • umbertoecho
    Oh God I'm going to hate it but I promise to watch it. Just letting you know that I have heard of this but not had a personal experience.......Going to watch it now....Thank you for having the guts to post it.
  • Tenacious

    I know of another case similar to yours. I downloaded the court papers where the WT after having been removed as the beneficiary due to similar unscrupulous acts tried suing the estate.

    I'll post a link or send it to you.

  • whathappened
    This Mary person and the elder are truly despicable.
  • umbertoecho
    Oh.........I just don't have the words to express how sorry I am for your' Aunt and for you. And I do think you have done the absolutely right thing in putting this up...It's a dark dark side of people and considering there is this religious side to it......It becomes uglier...exposure is the best way to go. Your' attempt to bring this out is outstandingly just and I hope you raise awareness...so sorry..
  • freemindfade

    Wow. F%#&k Lett in his clown mouth for misusing the scripture about the widow. Rubber faced [email protected]$%er.

    This is what the person that wrote the Jesus story about the widow was talking about. And these a$$holes twisted it in their begging for money broadcast.

    It's really sickening to see it in action.

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