Elderly widows targeted, convinced to sign over Power of Attorney and Personal Representative of Estate

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  • flipper

    NANETTE- I'm so sorry that your aunt was treated so despicably. This elder and his accomplice should be strung up by the neck and hung for abuse of the elderly . Or locked into jail with the key thrown away.

    It reminds me of how my 88 year old JW mom has lost all control of her finances which she inherited from her non-JW dad - and my dad and older brother control everything now regarding her health and she's in a medi -cal facility now living out her days an hour away from her home.

    She's receiving much better care than your aunt did- but still- I truly believe that female JW's are really given less of a consideration regarding how much control they really have over their lives. You are right: something NEEDS to be done about this happening to older folks- especially women who cannot, or are not allowed to defend themselves and get taken advantage of by unscrupulous JW's or people wanting to get a piece of the financial pie at the expense of the aged one's health or even at the cost of their lives. It's disgusting. Please know that we are here for you as a support and empathize. Sincerely, Mr. Flipper

  • LongHairGal
    Hi Flipper,

    This better be something else that gets publicity!

    Years ago there was an elderly ailing sister whose family moved her so that the Witnesses would not know her whereabouts! I can understand why! I'm sure her family was damned if she was going to be coerced into giving her money away!!

    I have also heard other stories where elders have visited sick elderly and showed them pictures of the religion's building projects.

    These bastards better not EVER look me up or they will surely be cursed out in front of my house!

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi Stop.the.abusers, I'm sorry about what happened to your grandaunt.

    Have you thought about filing an IRS 13909? I feel that what happened to your grandaunt would be classified as a "Organization engaged in deceptive or improper fundraising practices". Even if you are not a US citizen, you should file the form since the money would have flowed to the WTBTS in PA.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • SecretSlaveClass

    Only the FDS matters, is all important and entitled to everything - all things on this planet are merely here to serve and benefit God's Chosen and if you don't comply you will be destroyed for your insolence!

    I wish Hell did exist - I love the idea of the GB being slow rosted over a spit for eternity.

  • freemindfade

    SSC I think they need a secretslaveclass freemindfade double knuckle sandwich

  • SecretSlaveClass


    Yeh let's dress and gear up like Neo and go wreck the WBTS Matrix :P

  • steve2

    Letting others know what happened is important, but getting good quality legal advice about options is even more important.

    In some ways, abuse of the elderly in the wider secular society ( called elder abuse in New Zealand) is far more common among immediate relatives that 'friends' of the elderly person. It sounds from your description that your elderly relative was competent to decide who her Power of Attorney was.

    One of the most difficult claims to support in any action taken against a legal arrangement is establishing the elderly person was not competent to decide their Power of Attorney. It is not uncommon for family members to react when non-family are signed up as Power of Attorney.

    You make several very serious claims about likely improper access to your relative's accounts. If you have actual evidence of this, and it goes contrary to the Power of Attorney arrangement, you do need to act swiftly to see what can at done.

    As it stands at present, even if you are correct in your claims, courts are interested primarily in supportive evidence. You need to act.


    The story is very distressing indeed.

    One of the sites you gave leads to a page where one is requested to contribute money.

    Is it possible that you can supply additional supportive info about this matter regarding your mother? I mean like from authorities etc as this would fully legitimise your appeal and make people feel more comfortable to part with money.

  • Stop.the.abusers

    Thanks for all your heartfelt support and helpful suggestions! It means a lot. Afrikanman, I will post an overview of evidence, but will black out names so I'm not targeted in a lawsuit at this point. I have tons of incriminating evidence, but I've been unable to get any authorities to pursue criminal action. I'm hoping to change that, but have been turned down at every turn. Still, I visited the FBI in person and I'm working on a complaint to the IRS regarding hidden assets, since the sale of stock was never reported on my grandaunts taxes, and interest on accounts was not reported to the IRS. Thanks, ABibleStudent for the info about the IRS complaint regarding deceptive fundraising practices. It's certainly worth a try.

    Here's an overview of just a portion of the evidence I've collected in one of my appeal letters:

    Elderly Exploitation Scheme Involving Wells Fargo Advisors and Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Case Study: Mary “Irene” xxxxx, 96.

    Background: This documented case study is the result of an investigation made by Irene’s grandniece, NM, after she witnessed Irene being deliberately neglected and literally starved to death by a group calling themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses (“JW”). NM uncovered substantial evidence revealing that representatives of Wells Fargo Advisors worked in concert with members of this group to embezzle more than one million dollars from Irene’s accounts over the course of eight years.

    Major findings:

    · Of twenty two Wells Fargo bank accounts opened in Irene’s name, only one account had an account agreement on record, as documented in Business Declaration records.

    · The account agreement was for an online premier management account (PMA) offering online access to all of Irene’s Wells Fargo accounts, including linked accounts at other banks; yet Irene never owned or used a computer.

    · Just two weeks later, Irene signed a Power of Attorney naming two of the group members, witnessed by the same Wells Fargo Advisor who opened the PMA account, xxxxxxxxx.

    · The Power of Attorney was notarized by another Wells Fargo advisor, xxxxxxxxxxx.

    · Wells Fargo advisors cashed out a series of accounts totaling at least $50,000 for members of the group as “payable on death” accounts just two weeks after Irene’s death; yet no signed beneficiary documents or account agreements were produced.

    · Opening deposit and debit tickets for many accounts revealed Orlando transaction stamps, occurring over a period of eight years; yet Irene lived 2.5 hours away in Boynton Beach, did not drive or own a car, and several Wells Fargo branches were located in her neighborhood. xxxxxxx was the banker appearing on a number of these tickets.

    · Wells Fargo has yet to produce subpoenaed records for results of an elder abuse investigation for a claim filed by Irene's grandniece in November 2012 or un-redacted safe deposit box records.

    · Wells Fargo has yet to produce complete, un-redacted copies of IRS 1099-INT statements from 2003-2013.

    · Wells Fargo produced notarized business records statements where opening and closing dates for accounts differ from interest statement records produced under subpoena.

    · Wells Fargo produced two sets of interest statements for the same time period for a single CD account which revealed very different activity and balances over that period.

    · Substantial transfers were made from this same account, including a single $100,000 transfer; yet Wells Fargo cannot produce general ledger documentation for these transfers and refuses to provide receiving account information.

    · Wells Fargo did not report interest earned on a number of accounts missing account agreements for at least five years.

    · Wells Fargo did not report interest earned on the accounts cashed out by Wells Fargo Advisors in 2012 to the IRS.

    Upon discovering her grandaunt’s condition, NM questioned the home aide about Irene’s sudden decline. The aide described finding Irene collapsed 6 days earlier after a weekend of neglect and a drug overdose. When Irene’s grandniece reported the abuse to police, the JWs falsely claimed that Irene was dying of cancer, then falsely accused Irene’s grandniece of assaulting them. The police removed Irene’s grandniece from Irene’s side as she lay dying, and Irene was dead within 36 hours. No family member was informed of Irene’s death, and she was immediately cremated, destroying the evidence of physical abuse and misuse of drugs.

    The family learned that Irene had recently signed a Power of Attorney document naming two of the JWs in case of illness, and had replaced family members with another JW serving as personal representative of her estate. Medical and financial records were denied family members, and expensive legal assistance was required to conduct the investigation. Evidence of significant financial abuse by the JW Power of Attorney in the months prior to Irene’s death was clearly documented, but the JW personal representative refused to pursue a suit against her on behalf of Irene. According to his sworn testimony, the JW personal representative was the only male present when a 911 call was made to police reporting an alleged disturbance by Irene’s grandniece; the male caller identified himself as Irene’s late husband. Medical records documented numerous instances where the JWs posed as Irene’s daughter and granddaughter; Irene was childless. Further substantial and undeniable evidence of wrongdoing and embezzlement of more than one million dollars involving JWs and Wells Fargo Advisors insiders was uncovered during the investigation. To date, however, police and the state attorney’s office refuse to follow up. The police involved were from Boynton Beach; many are currently under indictment for corruption.

    The goal here is not to recoup money stolen, but to prevent these criminals from imposing their well-planned exploitation and abuse scheme against other victims. The JWs involved in Irene’s abuse have testified to “caring” for other elderly members of their congregation. Given the involvement of financial professionals and the billion-dollar JW corporation (Watchtower and Bible Society), as well as the use of sophisticated methods of embezzlement, money-funneling, and medical interventions, it’s clear that these criminals have perpetrated this scheme before, that past victims are likely, and that this method may be in use by other JW congregations across the country.

    Any help or resources people can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  • smiddy

    Going public with Current Affairs News Media ,either T.V. ,Print / Newspapers ,Or Radio , and even using all three could be a good way to go .

    The more publicity you can generate about this situation , the greater chance you will have in getting some satisfaction , however I think you need to contact all you can via those media`s and hopefully someone will see a story to be told here.

    Good luck to you ,Stop the abusers .


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